Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pickleball and the Beach!

It rained during the night and was still cloudy and a bit threatening when we got up, so we took our time getting ready and deciding what to do for the day.  The weather forecast looked good for late morning on, so we decided to try to play pickleball on the court here at the CG.  

They had lined a court and put up a portable net at the end of the large pavilion and we figured it would keep us dry and out of the sun, if it decided to appear.  The court is okay, but because of the roof, it can be rather difficult to see the ball and with no nets around the court, you can do a lot of "chasing" of balls that go out of bounds.  Having said that, we had a good time!

Back to our RV's by 11, changed, packed our lunches and were on our way to Manasota Beach by 11:40.  By then the sun had appeared and their was a nice breeze - a perfect beach day.  The only down side was the lack of shell pieces for my jewelry and very few (hardy any) shark's teeth today.  We still had fun walking the beach, reading, a maybe taking a brief snooze!

Manasota Beach was fairly empty today and it was a great
beach day!

We left the beach at 5 and headed right back to the CG.  Ken had volunteered to cook meat from our freezer for all of us for dinner, because we have to clear out everything and defrost the refrigerator and freezer before we drop off Waldo at Lazydays for some repairs that are under warranty.  After showers, the dinner prep began.  Ken grilled potatoes 1st and then some salmon, chicken, and a pork chop.  I also cooked baked beans and everyone provided their own salad.  By the time dinner was ready, it was dark and since Chuck gets bug bites so easily, we ate inside Waldo.  What a good feast!

After clean-up, we went over to Chuck and Melissa's to watch the debates. Melissa and I only listened while we played Upwords and 2 games of Quirkle.  he boys did play a game of Pinochle with us between the 1st and 2nd debates and they won "big time".  But, the gals did take the bid many times which made us feel like winners too (even though we went up most of the time!)  We need to work on that strategy!  

We were in bed by 11:30, quite late for this group.  Tomorrow looks like another great weather day here in Venice!

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