Monday, November 2, 2015

Another Travel Day But On to the Beach at Carrabelle!

Ken and I were up 6:30, showered, had a light breakfast and got ready for our departure at 8.  Chuck and Melissa were "ahead of the ballgame" and ready to go by 7:45.  What is that about?????  We left the CG at 7:58 and were on our way to Carrabelle in Florida.

It was a 3 1/4 hour drive on mostly 2 lane roads, no interstates for this part of the trip. We made one "potty" stop along the way, but just pulled off the side of the road and used the facilities in Waldo.  That was our one and only stop.  The scenery is more interesting when you drive the back roads instead of the busy Interstates.  We were fascinated by all the cotton fields in Georgia.  

This is the town where Peter Pan Peanut Butter is made!

Loved seeing one cottonfield.....

...then another....

...and lots of others.

We arrived in Florida, finally, and got to see our first trees with Spanish moss -

Finally, I have arrived in the warm state of Florida!

Our 1st view of Spanish moss on this trip. 

We arrived at the Carrabelle RV Resort at 11:15 and what a beautiful CG and area.  I can see the beach right across the road and the temperature was in the 80's.  Set-up went well and we were actually sweating!!!!!  The sites are beautiful with a cement pad for Waldo and  the picnic table, and we even have palm trees and other lovely landscaping including red mulch!

This is a very nice, relatively small campground!

A beautiful site for Waldo!

Chuck and Melissa are right across from us!

Ernie and Noela got here at 12:30 and the happy reunion began.  All of us said we are excited to get to the beach, so Ken and I ate lunch and got ready for "beach time".  We were sitting in the sunshine on the very deserted beach by 2:30 and loving it!  Melissa and Chuck joined us 1st and the boys decided to take a long walk along the water.  Ernie and Noela came around 3:00 because they were spending time trying to find a way to get a cell phone connection in this area.  They are no towers for T-Mobile in Carrabelle and they need the ability to call home to Canada.  Things can get complicated for the Canadians when in America.  They had no luck, so our communication guru, Melissa, will help them.

Ernie and Noela are nearby too!

So happy that they could join us!

We had a delightful time on the beach....

It was fairly breezy today, so there were some waves!

You don't have to worry about having your space on the
beach.  There is hardly anyone here!

Time to "prop up our feet" and relax!

Love the glistening water and the action of the waves!

It began to get hazy and cloudy!

.....but only Ernie and Noela were brave and got in the water.  

Oh, these folks are so adventuresome! 

It was warm, but there was such a nice breeze that it felt great!  Melissa and I took a walk, but Noela has a swollen ankle and thought it best not to do extra steps.  We all left the beach around 4:15 and crossed the street to the campground.  Our location really is exceptional! 

So many people to walk around on our stroll!

Feel like the only people on the beach  .....oh, we were!

I am so happy to have beach time, and since there are no shells,
I can just enjoy walking!!!

We showered and then the 6 of us got together at Chuck and Melissa's site, but first Melissa and Noela spent time inside trying to find a solution for Noela's phone issue.  After lots of time and hard work, they were unable to solve the problem.  Next step would be talking to a AT&T or Verizon rep to see if you can pay extra and use their "towers" for roaming while in this area.  The 6 of us sat outside chatting about our trip, including our time in Canada at Ernie and Noela's.  This has been an amazing Great American Leaf Tour and we are so thrilled to all be back together.

At 6 we "broke up the party" to prepare our dinners and get together at our picnic table to eat as a group.  Ken offered to make salmon burgers for Ernie and Noela and they were happy to try them.  I made some quinoa and black beans for everyone to share and each couple brought their own salads.  It was a beautiful evening to eat outdoors and it was a long time since we had been able to do that - too cold most of this trip.  Just when we finished eating, it started to drizzle, so we decided to clean up and meet in Waldo for games.

We got together around 7:30 and played one game of Skip-Bo.  It rained hard for about 45 minutes.  The men won easily, but anyone can win when you have all the Skip-Bo cards!  It was crazy!  The men decided they would meet for a walk around 7:30 (Chuck will be "available" if his outside light is on when Ken and Ernie are ready to leave) and then at 9:30 we will all drive to St. George's Island to do a bike ride, sit on the beach, and go somewhere for a late lunch.

Let the fun continue!!!!!

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  1. So did Ernie & Noella actually like the garlic, oops, I mean "salmon burgers"??