Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Pickleball, Beach, Delicious Scones, and "Lupper" at Casey Key Fish House!

Ken and I were up by 7:15, got ready for pickleball, had a cooked breakfast, and cleaned up.  The 4 of us left at 8:30 to go to a nearby park to play Pickleball.  It is such a fun game and all of us enjoy it so much!

It was supposed to be cloudy till around 11 but the sun decided to surprise us and come our around 9:15.  It was hot, but not as humid as some of the other days when we played.  Again, we had some great games with good volleys and strategic shots!  Wow!

We were all winners today!!!!

We left the courts around 10, because more people had come and were waiting for courts.  I don't think we were really ready to stop playing but we had decided last evening that after pickleball, we would drive into downtown Venice and go to the Upper Crust for one of their famous scones!  It makes me salivate just to talk about them.  When we arrived, they only had a few remaining and it would be another 40 minutes before additional ones would be out of their ovens.  No worry!  We were able to get one and they were still warm.  But, Devanshire Cream is a must to get the full "effect" of the scone.  Chuck and Melissa had an orange cranberry while Ken and I enjoyed an apricot one.  

You have to just love the main street of downtown Venice!
So picturesque!

So many beautiful palm trees!

I really want a scone, but all of the other goodies are so
tempting - choc. cheesecake brownies, coconut macaroons,
Key Lime bars, etc.

Oh no!  There are only a few left and my mouth
is watering!!!

I need to hurry to a bench to start eating!

Oh man!  This is so delicious!!!
Oh, this is heavenly!!!!

Chuck!!!! Don't eat the whole thing at once!!!!

Melissa really enjoyed the Devenshire Cream and had to lick the container until it was gone.  No, she didn't have a milk moustache, but a cream chin!!!!!

This is one happy "scone" gal!!!

When we returned to the CG we stopped at the shuffleboard courts for some more men vs. the women competition. Again, we all enjoy playing and the competition can get "fierce", but the men won both games.  I am not sure what Melissa and I have to do to beat them - maybe score more points!!!!!

We were back to Waldo by 11:45 and the men loaded the bikes and we got things ready to go to Nokomis Beach at 1:30.  I was busy working on the blog, but the other 3 took naps.  

We left the CG at 1:45 and as soon as we got to Nokomis Beach, we unloaded the bikes and off we went for a 4 1/2 mile ride along Casey Key Road.  We do this ride every time we are in this area and we never grow tired of it.  The homes, landscaping, and view of the Gulf and the Intracoastal Waterway are incredible.  They are always building new homes too which makes the ride interesting.  
The landscaping along Casey Key Road is

Their gardeners do a great job of trimming
and maintaining!

After passing the huge homes, you get to ride
along the Gulf.  Notice the bath house on the left
side of the road across from the large homes.
So, you own property on both side of the road!
Not bad!!!

Just a common, ordinary home along Casey
Key Road!

You can't see the front of this "mansion"
but it is huge and now they are adding
to it on both sides.  Amazing!

This is one they were building last fall when we
took this ride.  A very modern home compared to
most of the ones along this road!

After 4 1/2 miles of riding, we arrived at the Casey Key Fish House, a favorite of Ken's for grouper!  We ate outside and Ken loved his salad with blackened grouper.  The 3 of us had delicious hamburgers. 

Okay, you have seen us in front of this sign many times and
it is one of Ken's favorite places to get Grouper!

This is our view while enjoying our lunch!  Not bad!!!

Anticipating our great lunch!

A good looking piece of Grouper if you are a fish lover!

This may not be nearly as healthy, but it sure looked better to
this gal!!!

Then we walked to the Tiki Hut at the other side of Casey Key Fish House's parking lot where we sat on Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the quiet view of the Intracoastal Waterway. How relaxing!!!!

Our view of the Intracoastal Waterway from the Adirondack
chairs.  Peaceful and relaxing!

Just fun to sit and "take it all in"!

I think the dog was enjoying his boat ride!

Then we walked across the street to see the scull boats and to talk to the high school students who row them.  The one we checked out was for 8 rowers and it was so long, narrow, and weighed about 150 to 200 lbs. 

Wow, these sculls are so skinny!

There are so many of them behind this gated areas!

Back on our bikes for the 4 1/2 mile ride back to Nokomis Beach, enjoying all the views again. 

It looks like a princess should live here!

Looks like an arch that you ride through!

We sat on the beach enjoying being part of the drum circle and watching the fantastic sunset.  It was a perfect beach night - warm, calm, and relaxing.

Arriving in time to enjoy the drum circle!

We could not believe how many people were there and it
is the "off" season.  Also, they have one on  Nokomis Beach every
Wed. and Sat. and this many people still come!

This is the Joker!

Belly dancers joined in the fun!

She looked like a hippie from the 60's!

The sun is starting to set and the drums are beating and the
people are getting excited!

There were a few clouds at sea level, but still a gorgeous sky!

As we are leaving the beach I love the dark silouettes of the
palm trees against the pink/orange sky.

We returned to the CG at 6:30, showered, and got ready for an evening of card playing.  What a night for the ladies winning 5 Crowns, Skip-Bo and Pinochle.  It was a fun busy day and by 10 we were all tired.  Another great day in Paradise!

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