Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Busy Holiday Weekend !

It has been a little while since I posted.  Not a whole lot has happened, but since this will kind of become my diary in my older age, I am going to post anyway!  Hopefully I remember the people mentioned in my blog and the places we have been!  Who knows!!!!

Saturday Ken and I took a walk around the downtown area after eating breakfast.  We also did some organization around the apartment.  We had a nice, long conversation with our friend, Ernie, from Canada.  It was so good to talk to him.  All is well with Ernie and Noela.   We also made CG reservations for the Poconos in October to enjoy the leaf color!

At 2, I followed Ken in the CRV and he drove Wilbur to the storage area in Ephrata.  We will leave him there until our next camping adventure with Fred and Doloris starting next Thursday.  We will be heading to Avalon Beach and Sea Pines CG.

I dropped Ken off at his Step Class at 3, stopped at Goodwill with some donations, and then to Wal-Mart to get some needed groceries.  I went back to get Ken at 4:30 and we drove to Lanie's to pick-up Samantha and Katelyn. They will be staying with us until Monday when the family goes to Jamie's for a picnic.  Lanie had invited us for some delicious white chicken chili.  By 7 the 4 of us were back in Lititz where we played Uno and enjoyed watching Americas Got Talent.  All of us were in bed by 9:15.

Samantha and Katelyn were up around 7 and we allowed them to play on our I-Pads while we got ready and made Grandma's pancake breakfast.  PawPaw had gotten fresh fruit ready for all of us.  We all went to LCBC and the girls really enjoyed their classes.  We were inspired by the message.

After church, the girls said they would like to go to a pet store, so we drove to Lancaster to That Pet Place/That Fish Place and we spent at least an hour there just checking out all the animals.  The girls wanted a hamster, but we explained that Grandparents are not allowed to buy animals for their grandchildren without their parents permission!  (That would have been a surprise for Lanie and Bob!  Maybe we should have bought numerous animals - dog, cat, etc - NOT!)

No, girls, we can't take the bear
home!  Mommy and Daddy
wouldn't like it!
From there we went to Costco where we ate lunch, shopped, and ended our time there with some ice cream - what a good time!!!!

Back to the apartment and we decided to take a walk to the Lititz Springs Park so they could have fun on the playground and feed the ducks.  They always have such a good time there.  When we returned it was time for more Uno.

Ken grilled hamburgs and we had corn on the cob.  More games and time on our I-Pads.  The girls and I spent time coloring numerous pictures!  Then from 8 to 9 we watched America's Got Talent and the beginning of American Ninja Warrior.  We will all in bed by 9:30.

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