Saturday, September 9, 2017

Friday and Saturday - What a Fun, Busy Time Again!

Friday morning I was on my way to breakfast with the Curvettes by 6:20.  What a fun time!  From there I went to Ephrata East End Market (a paint store) to get some help on how to get paint to adhere to some frames I bought for my sea glass pictures that are silver and I want to paint white.  I needed their expertise on what paint I needed to use.  They were very helpful.

I was back to Lititz by 9:15 and Ken had vacuumed and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors - what a guy!  We packed items that we would be needing when staying for the weekend at Jamie and Dane's home.  Ken left to have lunch with Kevin so I did some additional clean-up, crafting, and by 2:45 Ken and I were on our way to Jamie's.  She and Dane had left to spend the weekend at Penn State to attend the Pitt vs. Penn State football game.  (They are the minority there - Pitt fans!).  We unloaded our clothes, etc. and then walked to the bus stop to meet Bria and Cali.  

We all walked back to their house, and they relaxed a little before the 4 of us played Skip-Bo.  Then at 5 we left to drive to Lititz, parked at our apartment, and then walked to have pizza at Roma.  After eating, we walked to the park that had at least 12 food trucks for 2nd Friday in downtown Lititz.  There were so many people enjoying this festive evening.  We played at the park, fed the ducks, and then enjoyed some homemade ice cream from Greco's.  We walked back to the apartment and then drove to their house to get ready for bed.  All of us "retired" by 9:30.

Lots of ducks for Cali to feed in Lititz Park!

Many people were enjoying the fun in the park and the
food trucks!

Saturday morning we were all up by 7 and while we showered, etc. the girls watched some shows on Disney and then I made pancakes for the girls.  After breakfast we spent a lot of the morning playing Uno.   We had a fun time!  We looked out the front window and we had gotten "flocked".  The Ephrata band is putting flamingos in front yards and asking for a contribution to have the "birds" removed.  Then you can give them the name of someone you would like them to "flock" next!

Flamingos "landed" in their front yard!

All of us, including Samson the dog, walked to downtown Ephrata to Scratch for muffins and coffee.  It was a nice morning to get some exercise.  Upon our return it was time for some more card playing.  After lunch, I took the girls to a ceramic shop to choose some items to paint.  It was our birthday gift to them and really our 1st time that it worked for all of us to go there.  We had a great time painting and I even got in "on the act"!

Bria did the long board with the Steelers colors for Dane and
the ice cream "box", Cali the mermaid and switchplate, and I
did the flower dish.  Everything but the long board were done
with glaze paint and need to be fired so they can get a shiny
finish.  We can pick them up on Thursday!

PawPaw went to his last Step Class.  I am so proud of him.  He has completed the 6 month program and it has been such a good thing for him.  The 6 gentlemen that completed the study are a great support group for each other!

Time for some additional card playing before enjoying dinner at The Deck in Ephrata.  They have delicious food but it was a bit chilly eating outdoors.

When we got back to Jamie's, spent sometime watching The Weather Channel to get current info on Hurricane Irma.  That whole storm is so hard to imagine! The Floridians have to be so concerned and had to practice a great deal of patience while trying to evacuate the state.  Our friends, Rick and Joyce, who just became residents of Florida in July, drove to Nashville TN to try to get out of the path of Irma!  We are praying that their new home will survive all the wind, rain, and storm surge.  We are offering the same prayers for our friends, Lloyd and Deb, who have a home in Venice where they spend about 3 or 4 months throughout the year.  We also have many camping friends who snowbird in Florida and have permanent park models or RV's in several of the CG's where we stay.  Hopefully they will have places to return to!

We played more cards, again, and watched the movie, Descendants 2, and by 10 we were all in bed.  It was a fun-filled, busy day! 

Cali certainly loves her friend, Samson!

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