Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday - A Beautiful Day to Hunt for Seaglass!

Ken and I were up before 6:30, did some reading, exercises, watched the news, and then went for a 45 minute walk around the CG.

We made a cooked breakfast when we returned and ate outside.  It was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80's.  We packed our lunch and by 10:05 (Ken's suggested departure time) the 4 of drove in the CRV to Fortescue.  As soon as we got there, Fred spotted 3  bald eagles sitting on a tree.  Unfortunately Ken hadn't taken his camera, so all of the pictures are from his phone. 

Hard to tell, but there are 3 bald eagles.

Then only 1 remained! 

After yesterday's high surf we thought we would find lots of seaglass - wrong! The surf had "dragged" in lots and lots of sand, but it seemed the " treasures" were buried.  There was very little beach exposed when we got there so we had to wait until low tide took more effect.   So, we sat on the sea wall and just enjoyed the view.

We could hardly believe how much sand had been
 washed up to the wall.

Several days before the guys had to help us over
the wall, or we had to go down the 4 steps.
Today only 1 of the steps was visible.

After eating our lunch it was low tide and we could begin
our hunt.

Unfortunately  as the water receded, so did all the "treasures".  We found very little seaglass.  We really tried, but with very limited success.

So we left there and drove to Gandy Beach.  We found a lot more than at Fortescue but not nearly as plentiful as Monday.  Each of us found at least 1 piece of red which is a very unusual color to find.  We were excited.  On the return trip, we saw several flocks of wild turkeys.  We see them every year.

this is the small beach area at Gandy Beach.

We were back to the CG by 5:45 after a quick stop at the local Acme - Ken and my 1st grocery stop since leaving home and we only ate out one time. Pretty impressive, huh?

We both showered and then Ken took a nap, since he had a rather short night's sleep.  I made salads for dinner and did some clean-up.  Ken grilled chicken for dinner and by the time we had eaten and finished dishes, it was 8.  Fred and Doloris came over to play games while watching the finale of America's Got Talent.  What an exciting show and we were all happy with the winner.  Darci was amazing.

We played Skip-Bo and the men won again.  For some reason they seem to always win that game.  They also won Hand and Foot, but it was a very close one.  It was a late night of fun, for we only got to bed at 11:30.  For some reason Ken had a very upset stomach all evening, but he never told us.  He always reads before going to sleep, but not tonight.  He went right to sleep.

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