Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday - An on the Move Day!

Ken and I got up around 6:45 and watched the first 15 minutes of the national news.  So many sad things are going on right now!  We got ready and by 7:45 Ken followed me in Wilbur to the Ford dealership in York so Wilbur could get inspected, have an oil change, and check anything else that might need attention.  We will probably pick him up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

From there we went to Office Max to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse for our laptop since I have several keys on the board that are not working. Much cheaper to buy a keyboard than try to fix the problem with the laptop!  Trying to use the on screen keyboard to type info into our blog was really a "pain"!

We stopped at the house long enough to drop off a few groceries and then went to deliver for Meals on Wheels, which takes about 1 1/4 hours.  The recipients of the food are so happy and grateful to see you and it makes us feel good to be a part of the organization.  We are only substitute drives, but we do enjoy doing it!  Then we drove right to Costco for needed groceries.  Our cupboards were rather bare when we returned from our camping trip.  Of course, we had to have lunch while we were there!

As soon as we returned, had everything in its place, and Ken had carved the rotisserie chicken, he left to go to a local roadside stand for some fresh fruit, veggies, and cage free eggs.  I worked on this blog while he was gone.  Upon his return, he decided to rest and I started working on crafts.  I repainted the slate sign that we hang at CG's that has our names and Lanc. Co. on it.  I had fun doing a whole different design on the slate and was fairly pleased with the result.

Ken left at 6:15 for Celebrate Recovery and I finished my painting project, only eating dinner at 7:45.  I watched The Voice (can't believe another show has started that I get addicted to!) while playing some games of Pop Words on the I-Pad.  Ken got back around 9:30, watched the end of The Voice with me and by 10:15 we were in bed.

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