Sunday, September 24, 2017

Back to a "Normal Routine"!

Ken and I were up at 6:45 and decided we had enough time to take a walk before leaving for church!  So we took our normal path around Lititz.  When we got near Linden Hall, a private girls school that has horseback riding, we realized one of their horses was in between the 2 corrals and free to roam.  We had decided to go on the school property and report the "loose" horse to someone.  Just then a police car came down the road, so I hailed him and told him what appeared to be a problem.  He said he would take care of it.  As we continued our walk another police car came as back-up.  I guess it takes a group of people to round up a horse!

By 8:30 we were on our way to church and sat with Lloyd and Deb, members of our small group.  Again, it was another good sermon by Scott.  The 4 of us met Eddie and Lori, other members of our small group who recently moved and started attending an LCBC campus closer to their new location, at a local restaurant for breakfast (lunch for Lloyd!).  We had a fun time catching up on life.

Ken and I were home by 12:30 and he left for an outdoor Peace Rally (conference) in  downtown Lancaster.  He had read numerous books by the one speaker and was anxious to hear him and maybe have a chance to talk with him.  He had a very enjoyable afternoon talking to several of the speakers and vendors.

I had decided to stay home and do some crafting while watching the Steelers game.  I also "caught" some of the Eagles game which ended with a 61 yard field goal in the final second - talk about exciting.  It wasn't a good outcome for the Steelers who lost in overtime!

Ken took a short nap when he returned and by 5 we were in Ephrata for our couples card club.  We ordered pizza from Papa John's and then played cards. We missed having Dan and Jackie there who are babysitting in Texas for their son Ryan's children while he and his wife are on a 10 day mission trip.  It was a fun evening!

We were home by 10 and went right to bed to do some reading - so much for a relaxing, quiet day but we sure had a good time and were happy to see many of our friends.

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