Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday - Another Nice Day in Avalon!

Ken and I were up by 6:45 and did some reading and watched the news.  I did some exercises and then we left for a walk around the CG.  It was a bit cloudy but rather warm.  

Ken borrowed a saw from Fred to cut some branches that were touching the roof of Wilbur.  They are predicting some stronger winds and rain starting tomorrow night so it was important to get those branches down!!!!  We also said good-bye to our neighboring campers that were from Lititz and then chatted with the folks behind us.  We also talked with Fred and Doloris regarding our plans for today.  They wanted to check out a local brewery and then go to the beach.  We decided we would meet them at the beach after lunch.

We enjoyed our breakfast outside and after cleaning up we headed to the CG's 9 hole mini golf course that is the nicest one we play when camping.  This year they replaced the cups and the greens.  Ken and I love to challenge each other every year when we stay at Sea Pines.  As per usual, it was quite a competition. After 9 holes I had 5 more strokes than Ken and of course, we never stop at 9 holes.  Till the challenge was finished we had played the course 5 times and I ended up winning by 3 strokes.  I actually had 3 holes in one when we played our last round!  I was one excited gal!

When we returned to Wilbur Ken and I played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and I was the winner both games.  We ate lunch and by 2:30 we joined Fred and Doloris on Avalon Beach.  There were lots of large powerful waves today, rather fun to watch.  We did play 2 games of Bocce which the women were winning by numerous points, but the men ended up winning both games - I am not sure what happened.

Back to the CG by 6 and Ken decided to put most things away outside because of the predicted rain and wind.  I made sauteed veggies and salads for dinner and Ken grilled.  By the time we finished the dishes it was 8:15 so we headed over to Martins to play a round of Hand and Foot.  The women started strongly but somehow the men ended up winning by quite a large margin!

We discussed our plans for tomorrow and were back to Wilbur by 10.  I worked on this blog and we both did some reading.

Looking forward to going to Fortesque to look for sea glass tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a good "hunt"!

Somehow my photographer was off duty today!  I am hoping to have some photos to post tomorrow!

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