Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day!

Ken had gotten up early to do some reading and devotions.  The girls woke at 7 after a good night's sleep.  They played on our I-Pads while we got ready and made another pancake breakfast.  It was a gorgeous, sunny morning, very different than the cooler one yesterday!

After breakfast we played Uno and I did some coloring with the girls.  Then I convinced them that we should watch the movie "Bambi".  I hadn't seen it since I was a little girl (well maybe I saw it with Lanie and Jamie, but I don't remember) and I was amazed at all the lines I still remembered!  Samantha and Katelyn really enjoyed it!

We ate lunch, loaded the car, and by 1:15 we were at Jamie's house for our family picnic.  Bob and Lanie were already there and the girls were so happy to see them.  Jamie's family had only gotten home from the beach at 11 and it was amazing how prepared she was for the picnic.  She is quite the hostess!

All of us spent the afternoon outside most of the time playing Kubb.  Yesterday Bob and Lanie had been invited to a Scandinavian Festival to demonstrate playing Kubb and having folks join in the game.  They had a fun day and the representative from one of the companies that make Kubb sets sold 10 of them  throughout the day.  We had given Lanie and Bob money to purchase a set for us.  Today was the initiation of our new set and it has the dents to prove that we had a good time! 

Bria is at that age where she likes to be with the adults!

Bob has his own "stance" for throwing the sticks and really

Resting between games!

Looks like a father daughter moment!

This is a photo of the Kubb court and Dane and Jamie's
fabulous backyard.  

Quite a setting for being in town!

Bob was in good form!

Even Katelyn likes to play Kubb and she does well!

The ladies did well too!

Time out for a handstand!

Katelyn needed a drink.  Earlier she
had fallen and it took her a long time
to "bounce back".  Thus the bandaid!

At 5 we had soft and hard tacos or you could choose to have a taco/rice bowl. All of the food was delicious.  Lanie brought a fruit tray and I provided dessert. We were so grateful that Jamie and Dane hosted this fun picnic.

Jamie had a very nice taco bar.  Hard to imagine she had
prepared all of this from 11 to 1.

The girls wanted to eat on the driveway. 
The adults enjoyed sitting at the table under the umbrella!

One way to eat your strawberries!

When Lanie and Bob left to go home, they knew that Bria and Cali were hiding in the back of their car, but they decided to play along.  They started to leave for home and almost immediately, Samantha yelled, "stop, because Bria and Cali are in our car"!  The little ones couldn't stop laughing!

Ken and I were back home by 7:30 and by 9 we were in bed reading.  It certainly has been a busy several days, but oh, what memories!!!

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