Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday - An Overcast Day in Avalon!

We were expecting to awaken to a very rainy and windy day because of Hurricane Jose, but the forecast had changed and we only had intermittent light showers and a rather normal breeze at the CG.

We had a leisure and relaxing morning including watching the news in bed and late breakfast.  We both did some reading and I chatted with my mother.  Let me tell you - life is tough!

Doloris stopped by to talk about plans for today.  We decided to drive to Driftwood RV, close to the CG, to tour their park models.  They also own a Park/CG not very far from their business where they set-up a lot of the park models they sell.  It is a great area.  The 4 of us had fun going in and out of the models and then Hal took us to their park to see 2 already set-up and a gorgeous resale that was amazing.  

The salesman took us to see three park models set-up in a
nearby camping resort.  This was a smaller model.

Very nice, but not our favorite floor plan.

The added on sunroom gives lots of extra living area.

Then we toured this 2016 resale, the floor plan that was our favorite.

This one was amazing and included all of the gorgeous

A great kitchen - so bright and cheery.

Really liked all of their furniture and decorating.

This is the master BR which is the back part of the
addition with the sunroom.

If we were looking to buy, this would definitely be my choice.
It was a lot less money than a new one and had so many beautiful
extra not to mention all the furnishings.

From there we drove to Avalon Beach to check-out the surf.  It was windy and the size and number of waves rather amazing considering it was low tide. We were back to the CG by 1:30 and we had lunch, Ken read, and I worked on the computer.  We played a game (4 rounds) of Hand and Foot which Ken won. 

Waves, waves, everywhere.

What a rough surf!

At 6 the 4 of us hopped on our CRV and went back to tje beach to checkout the surf because it was just about high tide.  You could see waves breaking far out in the ocean, at the shoreline and everywhere in between.  It was special.

At high tide, it was really pounding.

The pier was rebuilt in recent years and the water was
splashing onto it.

Some powerful wave action!

When we returned to the CG, it was time to make dinner.  The 4 of us got together in Wilbur from 7:15 to 10:00 and played Hand and Foot, which the men won and then a game of Haus with the ladies being victorious.  All of this happened while listening and "watching" America's Got Talent.  I can't decide who should win.  How do you compare apples to oranges?  

Ken and I read till 11:45 and then called it a day and what a fun day it was.  It was cloudy, windy, and rained lightly a lot of the day but it didn't dampen our spirits!  We enjoyed all of it.

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