Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Great Bike Riding Day!

What a gorgeous day on the Florida Panhandle!  It was a relaxing Sunday morning as we waited for it to warm up alittle before leaving for a bike ride.  Only 53 degrees when we got up.

After breakfast, Ken emptied our tanks and washed a few windows while I made some jewelry.  We packed a few snacks and left the CG around 11:15 for a bike ride on Route 30A.  It was very sunny and got to 75 degrees, a perfect temperature for riding!  What an interesting ride along this coastline bike trail.  There are 13 beach areas along this famous 30A highway, 8 with public beach access.  The macadam path goes by some large seaside communities, passed a state park, and offers many restaurants and quaint shoppes.  We stopped at Miss Lucille's Gossip Parlour (what a cute name) for a chai and a delicious blueberry scone.  Quite a treat!  We also stopped at 4 of the public beach areas and drove through some of Grayton State Park.  All of the beach areas have large boardwalks to get to the actually beach.  Quite impressive!  Again, you have to see the beautiful color of the water and the whiteness of the sand to really appreciate it!  We rode around 19 miles today and enjoyed every minute! 

Dune Allen Beach

Love the name of this coffee/pastry shoppe!

Gulf Place beach area!

So many beaches in South Walton County
and along Route 30A!

A bridge along the bike trail!

Santa Rosa Beach

I think finding alligators here could be wishful thinking!

A small "covered bridge" on the bike trail!

Really wide, macadam trail!

Could be the Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.!

During our ride we chatted with a gentleman who works at a bike shop at the Blue Mountain Beach area and he told us some interesting things about the area.  We were standing on the highest point above sea level in this area (35' - he hoped we didn't have trouble breathing!), this area has many days in the winter that are colder than Denver CO, and October is the best month to be here, both weather wise and so few people! 

When we got back to Willie, Ken took our bedroom TV outside so we could watch football while playing cards at our picnic table.  I did 3 loads of wash, running back and forth to the laundromat, but it was so handy.  Only 1 site from ours and since no one was in that site, it was as close as it could possibly be.  Ken made us salads and flat bread pizzas for supper.  What a guy!  Enjoyed watching the Broncos beat the Redskins while I beat Ken at 2 games of Pinochle!

Came inside around 7!  What a special day fulled with new adventures!


  1. 19 miles!! I'm wore out after 5 or 6 miles. The beach look great. We have never been on the beach in that area.

  2. Yeah Bonnie, that's what I am talking about. See Ken, GALS RULE! (Doloris)