Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Experience - Net Fishing for Shrimp!

What an exciting day with a new adventure.  We began the day by taking a long walk over to the fishing pier and then walking along the beach through Driftwood Beach.  What a beautiful sight!  The walk was about 3+ miles and it was a gorgeous morning walking along the water's edge.  Both of us find Driftwood Beach fascinating.  It is amazing how the erosion has uprooted all the large trees.

The beautiful bridge right off Jekyll Island
that goes to Brunswick and then St. Simons

Headed to the fishing pier for a "day at the office"

Hard to imagine that all these roots
were underwater at one time!

A good view of Driftwood Beach!

We both did some preparation of our departure tomorrow and then Ken went to purchase something he has never had before - a fishing license so he could go shrimp netting!  I made some jewelry while he went to get the license.

 After lunch, we went to meet Duane and Louise to go to the southern part of Jekyll to St. Andrews Beach to go netting for shrimp.  Ken was so excited to give it a try.  We really appreciated the time and instruction Duane and Louise gave us to try this new adventure.  We had such a good time.  Ken found out it is hard work to be a "shrimper".  You put a 50' net in the water keeping the bottom of it along the ocean floor.  You pull it walking backwards in the water about 500 or 600 yards through the water and then end by walking onto the shore.  You keep it in an arch while in the water.   Several times dolphins were following them, actually biting at the net.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good photo of them. On one of the pulls, Ken tripped over a submerged tree stump and ended up going under.  Unfortunately, I missed that "Kodak" moment too.  Their 1st pull only brought in 1 shrimp.  Next pull they had  2 (Ken said they doubled their catch!) and each one got better and better.  They must have done it about 12 times (tiring, since it was so windy and the water was extremely rough!) and by the last several times they had about 25 or more shrimp!  Ken was like a kid in a candy store!


Getting close to the shore!
Bringing in the catch!
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Putting the 50' net into the shore!

Ken's 1st Shrimp!

Each pull got better then the previous!

Believe it or not, (I can barely believe it) with Louise's help, I actually twisted the headed off the shrimp and deveined them right there on the beach.  I did yell and jump the 1st times the shrimp jumped when I tried to get them out of the bucket!

Can't believe I actually removed their heads and
removed the "inners"!

We were on the beach from 12:45 till 3:15 enjoying this adventure.  When we returned, Ken and I spent about an hour packing up both inside and out.  After showering and changing we enjoyed going to Sonny's Barbeque with Duane and Louise and had a great time together.  Back to their RV to remove the shells from the shrimp.  Another new experience!

I have to get me one of these lamp posts.  When you
stay at the CG for a month, they put this on your site
with a picture of your home state!  Maybe next time!

Our shrimping teachers and friends, Duane and Louise!

This is their 40' toy hauler RV.  They have been on
the road full timing for 7 years and loving it!

Ken and Duane are deveining and shelling the shrimp!

Back to Willie by 9:30.  What a day and we say a special thank you to Duane and Louise!

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  1. We really enjoyed our day spent shrimping and visiting with you. We are glad that you had a good time. Hope Ken's leg is ok from the scrap. Good fun, good food, good company, what could better? Live is good.