Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Can't believe today marks our 44th Wedding Anniversary!  Where do the years go????  We have and continued to be so blessed.  We love being able to live our dreams!

After the long drive yesterday, we were to bed early and I got up rather late!  We also moved to a different time zone, so we gained an hour!  Need to adjust!

We took a walk around the CG (quite a beautiful place!), photographed the ponds in the park with water lilies, and talked to a couple who are voluntering here for 2 months and they recommended a restaurant for our anniversary dinner - Goat Feathers. 

The outdoor amphlitheater here at the CG.

Lovely water lilies here at the park!

Tram Station and the tram that takes you
to the beach!

After lunch we took a bike ride on one of the trails here in the park.  Took us to one of the beautiful lakes.  Then we did a nice walk looking for the black bears that have been seen in the park.  No success! (That's probably a good thing!).  We learned that they do a controlled fire here in the park ever 2 to 3 years to so that the pine tree coverage remains and the oaks and other trees are destroyed.  Then we rode part of the way to the beach and walked the rest.  The boardwalk they built out to the beach is so long!  They also run a tram on the hour from the CG to the beach area, a very nice service.  The Emerald Coast Line offers water that is just as beautifully colored as the beaches in the Bahamas and Jamaica.  Positively breathtaking! 

What a great bike path!

One of the walking trails!

The water color iw even more dramatic than
it appears in this photo!
 The colors of the ocean water are
positively gorgeous on the  Emerald Beach Coastline.
A huge boardwalk to get out to the beach!

You can see the new pine trees that
are growing after the controlled burning!


Talked to Jamie and then later to Bria and Cali!  So good to talk to our family!  They all wished us a Happy Anniversary!

We showered and then drove down Route 30A which runs right along the coast.  What a beautiful area.  Stopped at The Red Bar to have a drink.  Quite an interesting place with all the memorabilia hanging everywhere.  Then on to Goat Feathers for a delicious dinner complete with onion rings for an appetizer, Greek salads, entrees (Ken had grouper, scallops, and shrimp) and their house specialty for dessert - bread pudding with a homemade rum/butter sauce,  The locals and our waitress, Carol, said it was a must.  They were right.  It was delicious!  We brought 1/2 of our food home.  We just aren't used to eating so much or this type of food.

What a colorful decor at The Red Bar!

The Red Bar is nothin to look at!

Delicious meals at the Goat Feathers Restaurant!

The Happy Couple!

Looking forward to a relaxing evening.  We are so blessed to have each other to share life daily and enjoy so many adventures!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! 44 years, that's great.
    The park you are in looks great. Hope it is everything you thought it was going to be.