Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finished the Final Leg of Riding the Route 30A Bike Trail

It was another gorgeous day in Paradise!  We left Willie by 10 to drive to Grayton Beach, unload the bikes, and ride from mile marker 8 to 12 on the Route 30A bike trail.  We wanted to ride the entire 19 miles while we were here, and we accomplished that today.  We actually rode down and back - 38 miles.  It is such a wonderful ride!  We spent some time checking out some of the communities in Watercolor and Seaside - beautiful homes and grounds.  Both of these beach areas were only established around 1980.  Hard to imagine that before that time, that whole area was deserted. 

Another gorgeous beach shot!  This is Seagrove Beach!

The sign says it - only established in 1981!

This shows the roadways in the Seaside Community!

So scenic!

We rode into Grayton State Park to check out their camping area.  Not too impressive compared to Topsail.  Also stopped at a coffee shop to enjoy a cinnamon bun and some chai in the gardens behind a home that was built to be a replica of Monet's home in France.  Brought back good memories of our trip to France about 9 years ago with our card club group and planned by our good friend, Jackie.

This is the coffee shop and the house is the replica
of Monet's home in France!

Took this photo in front of the coffee shop.  Ken was
smiling here, but when he got up the smiling ended.
He stepped on a fire ant hill and was "dancing"
from the burning sensation!!

We were back around 1:30 and on the beach here at the CG by 2:15.  As you can see by the photo, the beach was so crowded we could hardly find a place for our chairs!  Ken went on a cart with one of the park rangers to see the trees they used for turpentine harvesting around 100 years ago.  Ken enjoyed being "educated" by the ranger.  Stopped at a campsite of fellow Open Range owners and met 4 of their friends.  Spent about 45 minutes chatting with them.  Delightful time! 

Only a handful of people on the beach when we
arrived.  We were alone when we left!

There are many trees in the park where they harvested
turpentine and resin from the pine trees and used the
resin to waterproof the shipping boats in the early

A relaxing evening watching the World Series.  It was 80 degrees today and only supposed to get down to 68 tonight.  Tomorrow should be warm with some clouds coming in late afternoon.

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  1. 38 miles!!!!! you would have had to call an ambulance to take me home. No wonder you two are thin.