Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Perfect Bike Riding Day in the Panhandle!

Ken and I left the CG around 10 this morning with our bikes on the back of Diesel!  We headed to Seacrest Beach, along scenic Route 30A.  The more we are on that route, the more we love it.  Each small beach town has its own special charm and appeal, and the amount of expensive and expensive beach homes is beyond comprehension!  Ken was reading that a 1 BR, 1 Bath home with about 800 SF costs about $800,000.  That is unbelievable!  I think we have found one of the places where so many of the rich and famous build their vacation homes.  We think we saw one of the largest homes we have ever seen today.  It looked like a compound!

This is 1 house - Imagine!!!!

The macadam bike trail goes along Route 30A for 19 miles.  We had ridden from mile marker 1 on Sunday to Marker 9 and back with a few stops along the way.  Today we started at Mile marker 18, to 19 to Rosemary Beach that was only founded in 1995, and turned around and went to #12, where we treated ourselves with a donut.  Then we rode back to the truck at #18.  Around marker 17 we rode through Alys Beach, a relatively new area with the most impressive community.  The pool area had private small building, cabanas I guess, with little curtains to pull for privacy.   We drove to Seaside for lunch where we had pulled pork sandwiches from an Airstream trailer used as an "food serving" place!  There are several Airstreams in a row, each serving different type foods.

Riding to the Rosemary Beach through on of the
many shore communities.  What a scenic
path to the beach!

After riding that path, this is Rosemary Beach!

This is part of the unbelievable gorgeous community
in Alys Beach!  All the buildings are white!
This is the entrance to Alys Beach when driving on
Route 30A.    You drive through the beautiful palm trees.
The bike path is to the right.

One of the single homes in the community!

Horses made from driftwood!

This is the entrance the pool house.  From the road
it looked like a temple!

These are individual cabanas at the pool, complete
with curtains to pull for privacy!

One of the "row homes" in Alys Beach!

Gorgeous bike trail, huh????

The teeny, tiny post office in Seaside!

We got our pulled pork sliders at the Barefoot BBQ!
It's an Airstream!!!!

Back to Willie by 3:45 to sit outside and read.  Looking forward to another relaxing evening!

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  1. Looks like a pretty area for a ride. That is one big house.