Thursday, October 17, 2013

Great To Be Back at Jekyll Island!

In 2009 we came to Jekyll Island for the 1st time - we had Winnie when we camped here.  We are so thrilled to be back.  This is such a beautiful place!

We left the KOA right over the border into South Carolina at 7:15 this morning to begin the trip to Jekyll.  We drove about 80 miles on Interstate 77, then on 26, and on to 95.  We have to rethink about our frustrations with Interstate 77.  Our experience driving it today was very positive, as well as 26, even around Columbia, SC.  We believe we went by Charlotte, NC at the busy time of day and there was also an accident.  We were probably unfair with our assessment of this Route.  You just don't want to be near Charlotte at rush hour!

We drove 328 miles today which took about 7 hours, including a few stops.  The drive went extremely well.  I played many games of hand held Yatzee and Pop Words on Ken's I-Pad, but I stayed awake the entire trip to support "my man"!!!

This CG is amazing.  So quite and beautiful with lots of shade and level, private sites.  Very surprised that it only appears to be 1/2 full.  After getting all set-up, we took a walk around the CG and then took the path across the road to the fishing pier to get a view of the ocean.  We could also look across to St. Simon's Island.    We took a photo of Driftwood Beach, but were too tired to actually walk on it today.  2 full days of driving leaves one rather tired.

After supper, we stayed inside and relaxed.  Looking forward to riding bike tomorrow morning and then spending the afternoon on the beach.  Today is was sunny and 85 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 89 with full sun.  We can hardly wait to explore the island again.  What's not to love at this place!!!!!!!

Driving  towards Pine Island with a view of the bridge
to St. Simon's Island

The "Jekyll Island" sign!

The entrance to Jekyll!

The beginning of Jekyll Island.  So many old oaks
and Spanish moss!

The Campground sign!

Our camp site!

This is the tree we see when sitting on our chairs
under our awning!

This is what you see when entering the CG!

The path across the street from the CG!  It goes to
the Fishing Pier!

The Fishing Pier!

Beginning of Driftwood Island

Lighthouse on St. Simon's Island

Ken is so happy to be here!

Looking towards the CG from the path to the Fishing Pier!

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