Monday, October 28, 2013

A Grrgeous Beach Day!

What a fantastic, fun day!  It was 63 when we got up and went to 81.  A totally sunny day with very little breeze - perfect!!

Ken has blisters on both of his heels that are quite painful ever since he went shrimp net fishing.  His water shoes were great at the beginning, but when he was finished his feet were so sore.  Wearing band aids with his shoes hasn't allowed them to get better.  So, we need to do less walking!  We went to buy him some flip flops today and even wore them to do some bike riding.

We went to get gas and a few groceries this morning and then I "whipped" Ken at a game of shuffleboard.  After lunch we rode bike to the huge beach area here in the CG.  So few people on the beach and it was so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. 

Very nice shuffleboard courts here at the CG!

Nice pool too, but the water is cold!

The water is so gorgeous and the beach so empty!

Back to Willie after about 3 hours on the beach to shower and prep for supper.  Then back on our bikes to ride to Campbell Lake, a fresh water coastal dune lake - an unusual thing! 
Campbell Lake - an unusual site!

This picture of the dunes was taken from
the boardwalk leading out to the CG beach!
Almost looks like mountains!

What a spectacular sunset!

The Panhandle is the only place where there are these kind of lakes in the USA and 1 of only a few in the world.  Then we rode to the beach to watch the magnificent sunset.

This has been quite a special enjoyable day!  Someone has to do it and we are happy to volunteer!!!!

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  1. I hate to hear about Ken's feet. Maybe we should have quit sooner. But we were getting so many Really, sorry about Ken's feet.