Monday, October 21, 2013

A Great Day of Bike Riding!

I stayed up and watched the Broncos get beaten by the Colts.  I am a Payton Manning fan, so not happy about the loss.  So, it was a late night.

I only got up at 8 and we got ready to got to St. Simons Island for the day.  After eating breakfast outside (it was in the upper 60's), Ken loaded the bikes and we packed our lunches and by 10:30 we were on our way St. Simons.   We did stop at the entrance to Jekyll to take a picture of the preparation for the ground breaking 
ceremony later today for the shopping area that is to be completed in 2014.  There will only be about 8 or 10 shoppes and none of them will be very large.  None of the buildings on the island can be over 2 stories. 

Note the shovels and the hard hats.  This shopping area
has been in the "works" for about 3 years!

St. Simons is so different than Jekyll - more commercial, but it also has a beautiful downtown park area with a playground, pool with fountains and slides, and it is overlooking the ocean.  There is even a working lighthouse!  All of the many sidewalks are considered bike paths too, so you can go all over the island.  We rode all around the town limits, through the entrance to the Sea Island Golf Club where a PGA tournament will take place the beginning of Nov., ate our lunch at the downtown park, and then drove to a new park outside of the town limits to get on the new bike path that was recently completed.  That trail passed so many gorgeous homes with lots of southern flair.  We also saw a deer, which makes Ken so happy.  We rode about 15 miles or so!

A very beautiful sculpture!

This lighthouse is in the downtown area right at the
ocean's edge!

Canopy of trees at the entrance to the golf course!

Looks like a tunnel!
The new bike paths outside the town limits!
So graceful!
Looks like a Savannah home!
More southern charm!

Beautiful ferns growing on the branches of the
live oaks!

Only got back to Willie around 6:45, tired but happy!  We wouldn't be very disappointed if the weather forecast is correct and it showers tomorrow.  We are ready for a quiet, restful day!  We shall see.  It was supposed to be cloudy with showers today, but that never happened.  We saw some sunshine and no rain!

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