Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Perfect Day in Paradise!!

After a relaxing morning which included making a cooked breakfast and eating outside, we got ready to go on another bike ride around parts of the island.  We started talking to the couple camping behind us who are relatively new to RVing, and an hour went by before we realized it.  John and Suzanne are very nice folks from Jacksonville, FL and we enjoyed sharing some of our adventures and insights on this rv lifestyle. 

Then as we were leaving the CG we met up with Duane, whom we had met at Hershey Preserve this summer and played pickleball.  Nice to chat with him too!

So, we left the CG around 11:30 for a biking adventure.  Went on the path to Clam Creek across the road from the CG to the large fishing pier.  From there we took the path through the salty marsh area and then turned onto Driftwood Beach.  That beach is incredible with all the overturned trees that have become driftwood.  They are everywhere.  It is an area that is used for beach weddings!  What a setting!

A working shrimp boat!

A heron in the salty marsh along the bike trail!

These huge trees are located on Driftwood Beach.
So interesting!

From there we continued our ride along the coastline and then crossed to the other side of the island and rode back on the same path we did yesterday.  Back to Willie to eat lunch and then go to the beach.  It was in the upper 80's and sunny, so a definite beach day.  Left there at 5:00 when clouds started rolling in.  It started to rain just when we arrived at our campsite.  It was a short, non-violent shower that we enjoyed sitting under the canopy just listening to the rain. 

The bike trail follows along the shoreline!


Another "cottage" in the Jekyll Island Club area!

Adorable, quaint chuch on the Jekyll Island Club Property!
Love this part of the bike trail around the Island!

The beaches are so crowded it is hard to find
a place for your beach chair!!!

Looking forward to a relaxing evening, but it certainly was a fun day.

FYI - Thousand Trails is running a special right now on their Zone Passes.  Each Zone Pass is normally $525.00/year, but right now you can purchase 2 Zones for only $325.00/year.  Ken and I have used it so much the last 3 years and this year opted for the 2 Zones.  A great contact person at Thousand Trails is Josh and his cell phone number is 407-844-9611. You can get info on the zone passes at the Thousand Trails website.

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