Saturday, October 26, 2013

he Panhandle of Florida is a Special Place!

Ken and I got up later and had a very relaxing morning!  It was only 51 degrees and windy!  Felt pretty chilly outside!  We took a walk around the CG and discovered another loop that is incredible.  When we went online to make a reservation for this State Park, there was only 1 site remaining for a larger rig.  So, we took it.  The site is great, but there are some unbelievable sites throughout the CG that are so private.  Maybe another time, but we certainly aren't complaining.

This is an actual back in site.  So private!

After the walk, we headed to the Visitors Center and talked with such a helpful lady.  She gave us so much good information about the area.  We left there and drove to Seaside Beach Area for their Saturday's Farmers Market.  What a treat!  Lots of good food and live music.  They sell food daily from 6 Airstream RV's that sit right along the main road - so cute!

Local Farmer's Market at Seaside Beach Area.
Even had live music!

One of the Airstream RV's that are actual food stands!

From there we followed the coastline through 2 more beach towns, Watercolor and Grayton Beach.  Lots of unique shops and gorgeous beach homes.  Then on to the famous Wal-Mart for groceries.  Back to Willie in time for a late lunch. 

We rode our bikes to the beach at the CG with our beach chairs on our backs.  I thought it was abit cool on the beach - required a sweatshirt to keep me warm.   But, it was a very nice day for reading and relaxing.

Ken took this photo right before we left the beach.
We were about the only people on the beach!

We had leftovers from our dinner last evening and watched college football.  Did talk to my mom - the county newpaper is interviewing my father on Tuesday for an article to be published for Veterans Day.  He was in the Marines in WWII.  Also talked to Nancy Savage.  She and Neil are on their way to Myrtle Beach for the week.  They need some rest, vacation, and relaxation!


  1. Looks like a pretty nice campground.
    Sorry about the Penn State-Ohio State game, oh wait, I'm from Ohio, I liked it.

  2. Yeah, it looks rough!! That site you have a picture of...I think we could fit in there. Doloris