Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Total Relaxing Day!

Ken and I had a very uneventful relaxing day that was actually sort of forced on us due to the weather!  It was very warm when we got up, but rain and wind were predicted for later today.  So, Ken spent an hour organizing and putting things away that were outside - grill, chairs, lights, drying rack, etc.

I cooked our breakfast outside since the rain hadn't started and we were able to eat outside too!  Then the light showers began.  They lasted about an hour, so we played cards on the picnic table under the awning!  I moved my jewelry making "stuff" outside so I could be creative outdoors. 

After lunch, the sun came out so Ken decided to ride bike to the beach.  I stayed back to do some jewelry making.  Obviously it was a questionable weather day - when Ken got to the beach he was the only bike in all the racks.  He said it was so windy and rather chilly.  All the breeze was coming off the water and the tall dunes prevented it from getting back to our campsite.  I was very glad I decided not to go to the beach.  Not fond of wind and cool!!

I took a walk around the main loop of the CG, the area with the best secluded campsites.  If we return to this area, I wanted to have a record of which campsites would be my pick!

Ken wasn't at the beach very long.  A few more folks did go on the beach, but the water was extremely rough and choppy today. 

Around 6 it really started to rain, so we cooked supper indoors.  I think it will be a relaxing evening too!  It must have been an uneventful day.  Ken didn't even take any pictures!

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