Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spent Most of the Day at the Campground!

Ken and I had a relaxing early morning drinking tea and watching the news.  Cooked breakfast and ate outside.  Mostly cloudy day with the prediction of showers starting by 11 or so with the showers heavier in the afternoon. 

Duane stopped by and asked if Ken would like to join them to go out shrimping - they use big nets and have to go out when high tide is just starting to recede.  Only concern was the weather.  Duane said they will either go today or tomorrow and will make a decision by 10:30.  Ken has wanted to experience shrimping, so he was excited to go, but he did need to get a GA fishing license for the day.  So, we decided to take a walk and then check to see whether they would go today or tomorrow.  We took the walk to the fishing pier across the road from the CG and tried to go at a faster pace.  One of our friends, who shall go nameless, sent Ken an article of how we (people in general) should have a faster pace when walking to get proper cardiovascular exercise.  (Thanks, Barry!)  Not sure walking is as much fun at that faster pace!

A canopy of trees on the path to the fishing pier
which is right across from the CG.

This is part of the bike path that starts right outside
the CG.  The live oaks and Spanish moss are

When we returned, Duane stopped by and they decided to wait until tomorrow to do the shrimp fishing.  That worked well for Ken since he had planned to write his thank yous today to the people who were at his surprise Retirement Party.  I thought I would make jewelry.  So, we spent most of the afternoon sitting at the picnic table doing those 2 things.  It was cloudy and dreary the whole time, but not very cold and no rain until around 4:45.  Then it was just a light shower.   Ken finished his notes to friends and past clients and I had fun making some pendants and earrings. 

I made several phone calls, including 1 to Chris Sinclair and fellow camper we met at Hershey Preserve this summer.  She would love to find a job in a campground here in Florida and I was trying to offer her some help and suggestions.  If anyone has a job, Chris would be a great asset.

We spent the evening in Willie watching The Biggest Loser and The Voice while making jewelry and Ken doing things on the Internet.

Can't believe tomorrow is our last full day here at Jekyll.  We really love this place!

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