Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Such a Long Driving Day!

... but the destination will be well worth it!!!!

It was a short night!!  We got to bed around 10 and were awake around 2:30 AM.  We finally got up around 3:50 and were on our way by 4:50.  It was about 57 degrees and very dark!

Ken decided to not travel 95, but go south by way of Interstate 81.  It is a much more scenic route and a very nice road.  We stopped around 7:30 for breakfast and had a delicious meal at Denny's.  We stopped 2x's for gas and also for lunch.  As good as 81 was for traveling, when we got onto Interstate 77, it was a nightmare!  The 1st 40 miles or so were just fine, but after that there was so much traffic, merging, etc. that it took us an extra 1 1/2 hours to travel the  rest of the way to the CG.  It was abit frustrating.  I felt badly for Ken! 

We arrived at the KOA that was 40 miles into South Carolina by 5:20 pm.  We had traveled 540 miles in 12 hours.  (We did stop several times, but the last 60 miles took forever!)  But, we were still excited and rejoicing about our upcoming adventures. 

We got a level, pull through site, so we could keep Willie attached to Diesel.  It will make leaving in the morning so much easier.  After hooking up the water, electric, and cable, we took a walk around the CG to "loosen up" the tight muscles and back.  We are spending the evening watching TV and relaxing.  Plan to be on the road again tomorrow by 7 AM so we can enjoy the 80 degree weather that is predicted for Jekyll Island tomorrow.  Makes all the driving soooo worth it!!!

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