Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Travel Day!

Ken and I were up at 6 and after trying to be very quiet and hook-up mostly in the dark, we were leaving the CG on Jekyll Island at 7:20.   was a beautiful sunny day, but around 50 when we left.  (Better than the colder weather in PA).  We made several stops on our way to Topsail Hill Preserve on the Panhandle of Florida arriving at the CG around 2:30 with gaining an hour with the time change.  We had driven 360 miles and we ready to be at our destination!

Topsail was originally a private CG with full amenities, but it is now a Florida State Park.  The grounds are beautiful and I think there is so much to do here.  Unfortunately, by the time we were all set-up, I was too tired to investigate the area.  I rested and Ken took a bike ride to the beach.  There is a nice trail from the CG to either walk or ride to the beach.  They also offer a tram ride every hour that will take you there.  There is a 3.2 mile stretch of beach, plus several lakes nearby where we can go kayaking!  The sites are cement as well as the patio for the table and the landscaping is well maintained.  This should be a wonderful 10 days exploring a whole new area where we have never been

The dunes here are so large and majestic!

Another of Ken's beautiful sunset pictures!

We are excited!


  1. Up at 6, to early for Glad to here you made it safely. Have a great time there.

  2. I love that last picture! Doloris