Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Busy 3 Days, But Lots of Fun!

Friday was a cooler day, but we kept busy.  I met my Curvette friends for breakfast before 7 AM and again, we had a fun time.  Then I did some shopping before returning home around 11:15.  Ken spent the morning working at his desk.  After lunch I dusted and scoured while Ken vacuumed.  Then I went for my 25 minute walk (which went fairly well in my activity suit) and Ken went for a longer one.  The flowering trees were so beautiful!

I recorded all our current expenses and then at 6 we left for 10,000 Villages to hear a singer we enjoy, Rick Sky.  We also ate dinner at their cafe while listening to Rick.  It was a nice evening.  We were back home by 8:45, watched a little TV and then went to bed.

Saturday morning Ken and I left for Ephrata Church of the Brethren at 7:30 to help set-up for the Hosler Cousins yearly breakfast.  Every year a different family is in charge and this was our year.  Ken's father was one of 11 children, so we don't have to plan it very often!  45 cousins and 2 aunts attended and all went so well.  We had a time of sharing  and I must tell you that I married into an amazing family.  There are numerous ministers and missionaries in the Hosler clan all with amazing stories.

It was 1 PM when we left the church and by 2:15 Ken left to attend the 1st session of a Step Study he will be participating in for the next 6 months that meets every Saturday from 3 to 5.  It is through the Celebrate Recovery program and hopefully when he completes this study he can help into more of a leadership role.  I am proud of him for his willingness and the devotion it takes to be part of this program.  I spent hours going through all of my beads and bagging those that I no longer want or need and intend to sell.  We ate a late dinner and then watched some of the ice hockey play-offs.

After church on Sunday, we had a fun breakfast with our Life Group and also saw our former Sunday School Class members there and had a nice time chatting with them.  We were home by 1, changed clothes, and went for a walk. I actually walked for 45 minutes in my activity suit and it went very well - my longest walk with it so far!!! 

We went to watch Bria and Cali's 1 hour field hockey game that their mom, Jamie, coaches.  They did very well and it brought back a lot of good memories for Ken and I of all those games we watched when Jamie played in Jr. and Sr. High!

The hockey field is amazing and these young girls played well!

Cali and Bria, the hockey players!

Daddy and Coach Mommy showing their support.

Jamie invited us to their house for a delicious dinner and we had such a wonderful evening with all of them.  After eating, we walked to a nearby Dairy Queen for dessert.  Sampson, their golden retriever, had his own small dish of ice cream.  He was so excited!  The sky was gorgeous on our walk back to their house!

Having fun on the walk back from Dairy Queen!

The sky was amazing!

We were home by 8:30, watched a little TV and were in bed by 9.

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