Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Info Learned Regarding my Scoliosis!

Ken left early to have breakfast with his good friend, Gary!  It was over 4 months since they were together, so they had a lot to talk about!

I spent my time getting ready, making breakfast, wrapping the girls Easter presents, and having a nice talk with my sister, Cindy!  I worked on several projects that needed to be completed!

After lunch, Ken and I went to a 1:00 appointment with Dr. Clay, the scoliosis specialist.  1st I had a deep massage on my back and hips and then Ken and I met with the Dr. so we could ask some questions and make sure we understood what I could expect and needed to do to improve my pain and hopefully my posture!  The meeting was extremely helpful.  Ken and I both feel confident that we are making the right decision to buy the velcro exercise "suit".  We will go back on Monday (together) so I can have another deep massage and then they will show both Ken and I how the suit works and how to take it off and on.  It is a relatively simple project that requires about 1 minute once you know what you are doing!  I am looking forward to having less pain and walking straighter.  Time will tell!

We were back home by 3 after stopping at a Hardware Store and Ken went for a walk.  I spent time sorting through more seaglass.  I also had a nice conversation with my good friend, Jackie.  We hope to get together in the near future to play pickleball.  Then we went outside and spray varnished the finished coconut fish.  

We spent the evening chatting and then when I tried to get on our computer I was unable to get on the internet.  What a pain!  After about 1 hour with both of us going through all different settings, etc, it worked, but we have no idea why!  I hope this doesn't keep happening every evening!

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