Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rainy, Cool Tuesday But Warmer on Wednesday

First thing Tuesday morning I put on my activity suit and we went for a walk.  It was cool, cloudy, and damp, but we went anyway!  It was good!  We made a delicious breakfast when we returned and by 10:15 we were on our way to Centerville, about a 25 minute drive.  We stopped at Super Shoes to get Ken another pair of his "white" sneakers and then drove to the Hempfield Rec Center to play pickleball.  My brother-in-law, John, had told us about this location for playing every Tuesday from 11 to 3 for a cost of $3.00 a person - what a deal! So, we met him there and all the other players.  It was our 1st time and all of the people were so welcoming.  We played a lot of very good games and had a great time.  Looking forward to returning next Tuesday!

We left at 2:45 and drove to Ephrata to pick-up Bria at her bus stop.  Jamie and Cali had an appointment in Lancaster at 3:30 so we were thrilled to spend time with Bria.  We were only at their house for an hour but we were able to play 3 games of Rack-O.  Dane got home and Ken and I headed home so they could meet Jamie and Cali in Lancaster and go to swim practice.

Ken is either bothered by allergies or sinuses so he wasn't feeling the best when we got home.  He took a nap and then we had leftovers for dinner.  I had a nice conversation with Doloris and she is still struggling with what they think are allergy issues!  It has been going on for about 3 weeks and she is tired of it! Hopefully we will get together in the very near future!  We were in bed by 9:00 after watching The Voice!

Today, Wednesday, we cooked breakfast and got ready for the day.  We left at 8:10 and I took Ken to his job at the Mennonite Central Committee.  I did some grocery shopping and when I got back home I had a nice conversation with Joyce from our Life Group.  Then it was time to read the last chapter of the Purpose Driven Life so I can lead the discussion when our Life Group meets this Sunday.  I did find about 2 hours to work on some sea glass pictures.

After lunch I went to Jamie's house for a much needed haircut.  We had a fun visit and I am so excited to have a good haircut by my favorite and the best hairstylist!  Thanks, Jamie!

I picked up Ken at 3 and he had a very busy and tiring day.  He only sat for his break and for lunch, otherwise he was on his feet all day.  He really is enjoying doing his volunteer work!

Again, he sounded rather congested and blew his nose constantly, so after we took a 45 minute walk, he took a needed rest.  I mixed and baked muffins and then he grilled chicken.  There was a lot of clean-up and he wanted to do it. We watched a nature show on PBS and went to bed by 9.

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