Friday, April 28, 2017

Thursday and Friday! What Can I Say, But Busy Days!

Wednesday night was a rather painful one for me.  Both my back and my leg were really uncomfortable, so not a very good night's sleep.  Ken met his friend Gary for breakfast.  I felt better after I made breakfast, so did load of wash and cleaned up my desk area and the kitchen.  When Ken returned we went to an Open House at Luther Acres, a retirement/nursing home here in Lititz.  They had recently remodeled the apartments and we wanted to see what they looked like. They were very nice, but we are certainly not ready to move to one of those facilities.

After lunch, we went to see my parents and we played 4 games of Pinochle with men winning 3 of them.  We did have a nice time.  Dad is very happy (as well as Mom) for physical therapy increased the speed of his motorized wheel chair when they go outside together.  It has taken quite awhile for this to happen and caused a lot of frustration for both of them, so I am excited the problem was resolved.  Mom said she could walk faster with her walker than Dad could go on his scooter previously!

After dinner, we had a relaxing evening.  Ken spent time on his I-Pad and I did some more painting of my coconut fish.  We got a package from Ernie and Noela today of little boxes of Smarties.  Turns out that Canadian Smarties are like M&M's, but they are made by Nestle.  Obviously they are nothing like the Smarties we have here in America!  I had a nice conversation with Noela and they have had some major flooding in Quebec, actually the worst in about 40 year.  Fortunately they did not have a problem.

Friday Ken took me to The Pancake Farm in Ephrata by 6:45 so I could have breakfast with the Curvette ladies.  He had breakfast in Lancaster with one of the mentor from Celebrate Recovery.  I did some clean-up when I returned home and did a few more sea glass pictures.  When I bent to pick up some of the seaglass I twisted "something" and my back went into a "spasm".  I had pain in my back and particularly in my shin.  It was not fun!  Fortunately when I was sitting it was fairly comfortable.

When Ken returned I decided I should put on my SAS (scoliosis activity suit) and we should go for a walk.  Let me tell you, I was not a very pretty site those 1st several blocks.  I could not straighten, but by the end of the 1/2 hour walk, I was much better - hallelujah!

We ate lunch on the deck and then I went to Polly's to get some potting soil and a few flower pots that she was happy to get rid of and I was excited to take. Upon returning, I made a few more pictures.  At 4 we picked up Cali and Bria for a sleepover.  When we got to the apartment, we played some Bocce in the backyard and then they enjoyed having some time to play with the lego sets I have for them.  

We walked downtown to get some delicious pizza for dinner -

Had to take a picture at the fountain by the Elementary School!

Love how PaPa and Grandma get to be in the picture too!

From there we walked through town and down to the Lititz Springs Park to feed the ducks -

They loved this Tulle Wreath!

This male duck was nasty to the females.

He liked having control!  Typical Male!!!!

Then it was time for exercise such as running, playing on the equipment, and doing cartwheels -

Off to the local homemade ice cream shop, Greco's, for gelatos and then the walk back home.

Cali's favorite, mango, and Bria had blueberry!

These girls love their PaPa!

We played a game of Skip-Bo of which Bria and I were the winners  and then we taught them how to play UNO.  They loved that game and we played it until it was time for bed - 9 PM!  The girls were so much fun and we had a very good time.  Bria did end up in our bed for about 45 minutes during the night when we had a bad thunder and lightning storm with lots of wind and rain.  Cali slept through it!

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  1. Looks like a fun day! Hope your back gets better soon?