Monday, April 24, 2017

A Field Trip with the Curvettes!

Ken woke early with what we think is some allergy issues!  I was up at 6 and Polly picked me up to meet the Curvettes in Ephrata for a day trip to Ikea!  I hadn't been there for years, so I was excited for the trip!

The 8 of us drove to a local restaurant for breakfast and of course, we had a great time.  Then onto the PA turnpike to head towards Ikea, but the 1st stop was at the Jenkins Arboretum and Gardens at Devon to walk through the gardens to see the flowers and beautiful azaleas.  It was a cloudy, cool, damp day, but it didn't rain or dampen our spirits.  We enjoyed it and thank Marcia for suggesting we take the time to stop.

The azaleas will be even more beautiful in about a week!

Lots of wildflowers including Scottish Blue Bells!

So many gorgeous colors!

What a special group of friends!

Upon arriving at Ikea, we went to the cafe for some coffee before beginning our adventure of walking the entire store - it is rather large.  We had about 1 1/4 hours before returning to the cafe for lunch.  Then back out to check out areas of the warehouse where we had not been earlier in the day.  The 8 of us met at the checkout area at 2:15, enjoyed some ice cream, and were on our way back home by 3:00.  I was home at 4:00 after a wonderful day with special friends.  I bought a few items at very reasonable prices, but definitely didn't go overboard.

Ken had a busy day too.  He got the car inspected, had a 2 hour lunch with Kevin, and then went to Jamie's for a haircut.  He did stop to get some allergy medicine and hopefully it will have him feeling better soon!  After showing him my purchases, we had dinner and then he left for Celebrate Recovery.  I spent time downloading photos and working on the blog.  I did some painting while watching The Voice (love that show!)

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