Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Catching Up on the Last Few Days!

This was the day that Ernie and Noela arrived back to their home in Quebec. SIt was Sunday, so Ken and I went to church and then out to breakfast with our small group.  We had't seen this group of friends since Florida!  We had a good time!

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day, but we didn't do anything overly exciting. Ken got more things together for his tax appointment on Tuesday and I spent most of the afternoon painting coconut fish.  After grilling dinner and cleaning up, Ken went for a walk.  My back is not the best for walking so I continued painting.  

Monday was a gorgeous warm sunny day with temperatures in the low 80's. Ken and I coordinated our schedules (we need to do that since we only have 1 car!) and then he continued planning for his tax appointment.  After visiting a scoliosis clinic here in Lititz to gather some information, I returned home and Ken and I did some talking.  I called and made an appointment with them for Tuesday!  

After lunch, Ken and I went out to Wilbur and Ken vacuumed while I did some scouring, cleaning the refrigerator, and dusted.  Ken also cleaned out the inside of the car.  Then we took a walk, but my back and hip made it an uncomfortable exercise!  

I spent more time painting and then Ken left for Celebrate Recovery!  He was happy to see his "buddies" after being gone for 3 months.  I recorded our expenses and then sorted through our seaglass finds.  

Tuesday was a positively gorgeous day with recorded setting temperatures of the upper 80's - crazy!  After working together to make breakfast, I went to my Dr. appointment.  Dr. Clay is part of a Scoli Smart Clinics that can be found throughout the US.  These clinics work only with scoliosis patients and teenage girls are the majority of their patients.  But, they also have developed treatment plans for adults.  His information and proposed treatment made sense to me and it also seemed very logical to Ken when we talked about it!  His goal is not just to elevate the pain but also the progression of the scoliosis while hopefully slightly improving the curvature.  It has happened in other older woman with similar scoliosis.  We shall see!

When I got back home Ken and I did a lot of talking about my appointment and then after lunch, we took Wilbur to his storage "home"!  At 1:15 Ken headed to York for his tax appointment.  I spent a lot of the afternoon researching the Scoli Smart Clinics and the treatments they recommended.  It all seems very credible.

When Ken got back he took a walk and I made oat brans muffins.  Ken grilled meat and potatoes while I sauteed veggies.  It was a relaxing evening.

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