Monday, April 3, 2017

A Fun Day on Jekyll Island

Ken did a lot of reading before I decided to rise and shine!  We enjoyed sitting in Wilbur drinking our chia and tea before we started breakfast.  I cooked while Ken went outside and started to pack up things that we didn't want to get wet with the rainy forecast that will begin later today.

After breakfast we talked to Neil and Nancy and they decided not to join us for a bike ride this morning but they wanted to go to Driftwood Beach after lunch.  It was cloudy when Ken and I left the CG in the CRV at 10:15 and headed towards the center of Jekyll Island with our bikes.  Low tide was at 9:15 so we decided to ride on the beach for the beginning of the ride.  It was rather breezy and tough riding on the packed sand, but beautiful.  After about 1 1/2 miles we decided to get off the beach and ride on the trail around the island. 

This is the only place we ride our bikes on the beach.  You
just have to be aware of the high and low tides!

What a relaxing place to meditate and do yoga!

This is the back of the large Westin Hotel on the middle of
Jekyll Island.  Another building is under construction that will
be Westin Suites. 

We headed south to St. Andrews Beach where we parked our bikes and enjoyed walking on the beach.  There were many huge dead trees on the beach and it very much resembled Driftwood Beach.  Back on our bikes to return to the car but we zig zagged from one side of island to the other enjoying the beauty of the untouched landscape.

These are some of the dead trees on St. Andrew's Beach!

A nice path for riding bike on the island!
We rode off the main trail and through some of the more
"natural" landscape!

I did get a call from Noela to let us know that they were enjoying a wonderful lunch at Sweet Tomatoes - REALLY?????  They are staying at Wilderness Campground near Silver River in Florida and having a wonderful time.  They took a boat ride and got to see the wild monkeys that Ken and I had kayaked among several years ago with Chuck and Melissa.  Remember the Porta Boat, Chuck???????

We were back to the CG around 1:00 and checked in with Neil and Nancy.  Neil had been doing some mechanical work on their truck, but he was finishing the job and they wanted to go along to Driftwood Beach.  So after lunch the 4 of us went in their truck and parked at the entrance to that area.  Ken decided to do about a 3 mile walk to the fishing pier and come back to the truck by way of the Marsh Trail.  The 3 of us just enjoyed sitting on the beach.  After about an hour, it started to thunder so we headed back to the truck and Ken met us there.  We went back to the CG but it didn't rain.  

This is Driftwood Beach!

A rather amazing sight!

Looks strange to see the root system
coming out of the water!

If you look closely, you can see the St. Simon lighthouse in
the distance.  

Showers felt great and then I made salads for dinner, downloaded photos, and worked on the blog.  It did start raining around 4:45 and it was a bit heavy at times.  Nothing to be concerned about.  We will probably have more rain overnight with more wind and maybe thunder and lightning. We will see!

I painted for a short time and then Ken and I worked together to get supper organized.  We had invited Neil and Nancy to have dinner with us so they arrived around 6:30.  We had to eat inside because everything was very wet outside!

After an enjoyable dinner and time of sharing, I did dishes and then we taught Neil and Nancy how to play Skip-Bo.  We played 2 games and the women were victorious in both!  We had a great time.  They left around 9 and I watched the 2nd hour of The Voice and Ken watched the basketball finals.  I joined him when The Voice ended!

Thanks, Neil and Nancy, for a fun evening!

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