Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We Are Back Home!

Ken and I woke at 5:45 and by 6:45 we were leaving the CG in northern North Carolina.  It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a lot of driving.  We definitely made the right decision leaving Jekyll Island a day early.  It appears that we would have spent most of tomorrow driving through steady rain!

Ken did a great job driving again today and we covered a lot of miles - around 400!  It was another long day.  We stopped every 2 hours to start the CRV to make sure the battery didn't get drained while towing.  Of course we had to make several "potty" stops but only 1X for gas.

We decided not to go around Washington or Baltimore, so the alternate routes add some miles, but it is much more scenic and a lot less traffic!

We arrived at our apartment around 3:45 and were so glad to be finished driving.  We told each other that it was no hurry to unpack everything in Wilbur, but somehow that never works.  We kept making trips and had almost everything inside the apartment by 6 and most things in their proper location! That is not easy to do when you don't have a basement, garage or attic.  We just have too much stuff!  Needless to say both of us were extremely tired and achy!  

We were welcomed home by the folks in our apartment building and spent time with Ginny, the very nice lady in a downstairs apartment that checks our mail and picks up the local newspapers that are dropped at our door.  We appreciate her so much!  She told us that she reads our blog and loved seeing and hearing what we were doing.  She especially enjoys Ken's great pictures!

At 7 we drove to downtown Lititz to have some delicious pizza at a local shop. We were too tired to drive very far and definitely too tired to walk!  When we returned we did a bit more clean-up and then I worked on this blog and Ken checked things on his I-Pad.  Our cable does not get reconnected until sometime Friday, so it is rather quiet in our apartment.

It is now almost 9 PM and I am about ready to go to bed!  We did check the weather for Jekyll Island (Neil and Nancy are still there) and Myrtle Beach (Ernie and Noela are camping there) and we are praying that both of them are safe. Heavy storms are forecasted with gusty winds, hail, and possible tornado threats.  Hope that weather misses both of those areas!  Be safe you guys!


  1. Enjoy your time in PA. I'll be there in May for a short stay.

  2. Enjoy your time in PA. I'll be there in May for a short stay.