Friday, April 7, 2017

Thursday and Friday - Very Busy Days at Home!

It is always crazy busy when we 1st get home from Florida and this year is no exception.  Ken also struggles with being able to get a good night's sleep (I think he likes sleeping in Wilbur better than his "at home" bed)!  So needless to say, we were a bit tired.

I spent a large portion of the day doing laundry.  Seems like we accumulated quite a bit the last 1 1/2 weeks on the road!  Ken was at his desk checking bills, etc. and making calls to find a small storage area where we could keep our bikes, etc.  I also talked to Noela to make sure they were safe at Myrtle Beach and texted Cindy at Camp LeJuene.  Both of them were camping in areas last night that predicted strong storms and maybe tornado threats.  Fortunately both of them were fine despite the strong winds and heavy rain.

Ken and I left to visit with Jamie and her family around 2:45.  We were able to chat with just Jamie for about 45 minutes before we drove to the bus stop to pick up Bria and Cali.  Dane got home from work and so we had the opportunity to spend time with all of them and "catch up" on life.  It was so wonderful to see them.  We also got to meet Sampson, their golden retriever.  What a sweet dog that is a perfect match for their family.  We played games with the girls and Jamie graciously invited us to stay for dinner.  We are so blessed!

Cali, Bria and Sampson!

Friday I was up by 6 to meet the Curvette ladies for breakfast.  Still can't believe this group of retired folks get up so early to workout and then go for breakfast.  It was so good to see them again!  They always welcome me back with open arms and update me on what has been happening.  I really appreciate their special friendship!

I went to Wal-Mart for a few items including a birthday gift for my 1 year old great nephew and Easter presents for our granddaughters.  When I returned to the apartment Ken went to check out some of the storage areas that could be possibilities for us and the place that was available to store Wilbur.  The Wilbur location was perfect but he did not find a storage that was good for our "stuff"!

I had painted fish while he was gone and also did some reorganizing in the apartment.  I now have a pile of things for Goodwill - YES!  At 12:15 we left to spend the afternoon visiting and playing cards with my parents.  They were so excited to see us.  We had a delightful time playing cards and chatting.

We left Masonic Homes at 4:30 and met Ernie and Noela at the Blue Bird Inn at Cornwall for dinner.  Turns out they are spending the night at a KOA CG only 13 miles from the Blue Bird and we all wanted to have one more opportunity to be together.  We had a delicious meal and a great time of fellowship.  We said our goodbyes hoping to meet up in the fall in Florida or definitely at Harbor Lakes in January.  It has been a great winter sharing time with them.

We were back to the apartment by 7:30 and I painted fish.  I am doing one for each of our granddaughters as a gift from Florida, so I need to get them done.  I promised the girls I would have a surprise for them on Easter!  Ken spent time on his I-Pad going through his e-mails.  We certainly had very little time at home today, but Life is Good!

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