Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday!

Ken and I were up before 6 and by 6:30 I was on my way to Ephrata to meet the Curvettes for breakfast!  It is a Friday morning, only 6:30 AM, and I witnessed a gorgeous sunrise!  But there is something wrong with this picture - I am retired and I am up before the sunrise.  It is just too early, but I love having the opportunity to be with special friends.  So, I will continue to get up before the sun every Friday!!

I was home by 8:30 and Ken had just finished eating his cooked breakfast.  He left for a walk and I spent several hours recording our expenses to our budget app.   Ken and I drove to Lancaster to our financial advisors office to sign our income tax return documents.  We had a very nice visit with Mike.  His family loves searching for seaglass and sharks teeth and told us about several of their favorite places for finding seaglass.  We hope to check out some of them.

Ken went to a Good Friday Church Service here in Lititz while I continued working on our budget program.  When he returned, we decided to take a trip to Green Dragon, a large local Farmers Market that is only open on Fridays!  For 13 years, Ken and I were owners of a candy stand at that market and eventually we opened a second one there and another at a different local market.  We don't return very often, but Good Friday was always our busiest day of the year and we decided we wanted to get some candy for our granddaughters and Green Dragon was the place to go!  We were so surprised when we got there and they still had the same name we had used when we owned it - Beulah's Candyland. Beulah was my great aunt whom we adored and we had bought the business from her in 1976.

When we returned home, Ken took a nap while I made a couple seaglass pictures.  After dinner we drove to LCBC's Easter service, getting home around 8:45.  We watched Shark Tank while I did this blog.  

Tomorrow we are getting together with Cindy and John and we will all go to Masonic Homes to celebrate my dad's 93rd birthday.  What a special day!

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