Saturday, April 1, 2017

Heading Home But 4 Night Stay at Jekyll Island

Ken and I were up at 3:50 AM, disconnected the electric, got the CRV towed to the motorhome, and were out of Harbor Lakes CG by 4:45.  Can't believe 3 months have passed.

We left early because we expected heavy traffic with so many "snowbirds" reservations ending on April 1.  We were happily surprised that the traffic was normal and we had no slow downs on our way to Jekyll Island.  We stopped at two Rest Areas, got gas 2X's, and had lunch at Subway. 

We arrived at the Jekyll Island CG at 1:45 (so many RVers were checking in) and Neil and Nancy Savage stopped by to greet us soon after we got into our site. We chatted a little and then they took their dog, Tatum, to the beach.  

After we were set-up inside and out, Ken and I took a 1 1/4 mile walk across the road to the fishing pier. 

A very nice pull through site!

The road to the fishing pier - so picturesque!

This is a huge fishing pier!

St. Simon lighthouse in the distance!

Bridge to St. Simon

While there we saw one of the huge car carrying freighters pass by...

This area is a major drop off harbor for new cars from
many foreign countries.  There are thousands of cars
parked in this area waiting to go to car dealers and there are
all makes and models!

and the local Casino boat....

The casino boat!

We stopped by Neil and Nancy's site when we returned to talk about our plans for the evening.  They were so kind and had talked to us several days ago and said they would provide dinner for the 4 of us when we arrived.  So, we went to Waldo to make a salad for Ken and we were at their campsite from 6 to 9.   Neil grilled delicious hamburgs and we had nacho chips with their homemade salsa and homemade cucumber salad.  It was delicious.  

After cleaning up, we played a game of UNO which the men won and then Neil built a campfire and we sat around it chatting and enjoying the evening. 

What a relaxing activity!

 Ken left for just a short time to take some pictures of the sunset. 

How gorgeous.  That is St. Simon Bridge in the distance!

We appreciated all they did to make our day special!


  1. we are a bit jealous seeing pix of Jekyll! BTW...who's WALDO :)

  2. oh, and say "hi" to Neil and Nancy for us
    John and Cindy