Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Day with Very Little Time at Home!

I forgot to mention that the weather on Thursday and Friday was positively awful!  It rained steadily on Thursday and it was cold and windy.  Friday was sunny, but so windy and cold for these Floridians!  If it wasn't for family and friends you would be tempted to head south, but warm weather is coming!

After breakfast, Ken and I went out to Wilbur and brought in a few items we had forgotten to bring into the apartment.  After putting them in their proper place, we went to Costco.  Upon returning, Ken put the table, chairs, carpet, and grill on our deck which gave us space in our outdoor "closet" for all of the paper goods we had bought at Costco.  I did some more organizing inside.

We were supposed to go to a birthday party for our great nephew today, but his mommy and he were sick, so no party!  Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn had planned to be there too, so I called Lanie and asked if they were available for us to come to visit them.  She said yes and we should stay for dinner.  

Polly, one of my Curvette friends, encourages us to store extra things in her basement.  She is going to be moving next summer, so that is why we started looking for a storage area.  But, I talked to her and she said we were welcome to put things in her basement until she moves, so we loaded the car and went to her house (about a mile away!).  We spent time visiting.  Polly is one special lady and we really appreciate her!

From there we drove to Lanie's and had such a great visit.  Ken and I took Sam and Katelyn to Wal-Mart so they could choose gifts for their birthdays.  We had fun with them.  When we got back to Lanie's the girls had such a good time playing with their new purchases and I helped Lanie make dinner which gave me a great opportunity to spend some quality time with her.  Ken did the same with Bob.  Ken and I left around 7:30 feeling so blessed!

Samantha and Katelyn!  Don't you just love the colorful
bedspread with the peace signs.  Brings back memories for
Grandma and PawPaw!  Oh those hippie years!

By the time we got to the apartment both of us were tired.  We were in bed early.  These days have been extremely busy, but we wouldn't change one minute of them.  They have been so special!

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