Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our 1st Full Day on Jekyll Island!

What a relaxing morning.  Ken got up around 6:45 and he decided to take a drive to a beach area to get sunrise photos.  He got some great pictures .....

I was up by 7:15 and decided to start prepping for breakfast.  Ken returned around 8 and I made tea for Ken and chia for me and we tried to enjoy drinking them outside, but there were too many pesty mosquitoes.  So we moved inside and had a great time reflecting on our time in Florida and what we sort of see for the future!  It felt good just to take the time to relax and not hurry to go somewhere!

After a good cooked breakfast and clean-up I checked in with Neil and Nancy and we decided to meet at 10:45 for a bike ride around part of the island.  It was a beautiful sunny morning with just a slight breeze.

We left the CG and rode to the historic district, probably about 3 miles.  It is such a gorgeous ride among the live oaks and all the Spanish moss. 

The bike trail goes around the island for 17 mles!

Look out for this group of riders!

This is just 2 of the many vacation homes built on Jekyll Island at the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th by wealthy businessmen such as Vanderbilt, Pulitzer, J.P. Morgan, etc.  They called them cottages but they were way too big for that title!

When we got to the Jekyll Island Hotel there were lots of Porsches parked on the grass.  I guess this old hotel is still for the rich and famous!

Ken remembered having delicious shrimp at an outside bar/cafe called Latitudes so we went there to check out their hours - closed!  It was connected to an upscale restaurant and both had been hit by Hurricane Matthew and are in the process of being renovated.  After a 3 million $ restoration it will be just a restaurant owned by the Hotel - I doubt if we will be eating there!!!!

Out at the end of the dock was the outdoor grill, Latitudes!

We got back on our bikes and went across the island passed the golf course to ride back on the other side of the island along the beach.  We arrived back at the CG after riding about 8 or 9 miles.  It was a fun, beautiful ride.

This is a little "cabana" by a hotel pool that is overlooking
the ocean!  We were tempted to stop and take a nap!!!

We ate lunch and then the 4 of us meet at the beach.  By then the sun was in and out and it was fairly windy along the shoreline.  Ken and I stayed about 1 1/4 hours and then we went to the center of the island where there is a new Westin Hotel and numerous shops including a market.  We were looking to buy some fresh shrimp.  We also went by one of the marinas to see if they sold seafood.  No luck at the marina but the market did sell shrimp, so we may be back another day.

Showers felt great when we returned to Wilbur.  Ken did some reading while I worked on this blog and download photos!

We made salads for dinner and Ken grilled filet for me, salmon for him, and some potatoes. While watching the Country Music Awards, I painted a coconut fish and Ken worked on his I-Pad. The 4 of us had decided to have a relaxing evening and wait to play games until tomorrow night.

It has been a great day!

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