Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another Nice Weather Day and Fun Time with my Parents!

Just wanted you to see the finished colorful fish that this
Grandma painted as a gift for our granddaughters from Florida!
PawPaw helped me find all the coconuts and the palm branches
for the tails!  They are painted to match their bedrooms!

After making a good breakfast, Ken left for a walk.  It was cloudy and he actually got a little "wet" on his long walk.

I went to Dollar Tree and then to Wal-Mart.  While shopping, Cindy called to ask what I learned at yesterday's Dr. Appointment, and we had a nice discussion. They are on their way home in Harvey from North Carolina.  They plan to arrive in Mt. Joy by late afternoon or early evening.

Ken had lunch ready when I got home and we left by 12:15 to visit my parents. They are so grateful and appreciative when we visit and play cards.  They tell us numerous times when we are there!  It was a victorious day for the women - 3 for women and 2 games for the men.  We really had a fun time and I am amazed at how "sharp" both of them are when playing pinochle.  It is amazing! We are looking forward to going there on Saturday with Cindy and John to celebrate Dad's 93rd birthday!  He is definitely a cat with 9 lives!

We were home by 6, made salads, and Ken grilled chicken.  We spent at least 1 1/2 hours trying to get our laptop computer to work - all I had was a blank white screen.  Finally we got it working, but could not connect to the internet. That was another 45 minute project - such frustration!  But, I am happy to announce that at the moment everything seems to be working.  I'll let you know more tomorrow when I turn it off for the night and try to start it up in the morning!

I had a wonderful conversation with Chuck on the way home from my parents. Melissa had called while we were playing cards and I said I would call her back. They were driving from Florida to Nashville and Melissa was driving when I called.  I enjoyed being able to "catch up" on what is happening in their lives. We certainly miss seeing them and spending time together.

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