Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday and Tuesday in Lititz!

Ken got a bit wet while on his morning walk, but it was a sunny, warm day after lunch!  While he was gone I did some devotions and made myself a cooked breakfast!  Ken left at 9 to have breakfast with his sister and brother for they hadn't been together for quite a while! They also wanted to discuss the plans for next Saturday's breakfast of which we are in charge for all the Hosler cousins.

While Ken was gone I was busy doing laundry, coordinating our calendars, and general clean-up.  Ken had gone to the storage area for Wilbur to get a few more items that we decided were needed at home.  He also stopped at the Mennonite Central Committee Warehouse and he was so excited to announce that he has a volunteer job starting on Wednesday.  He will work every Wednesday we are around from about 8:30 to 3:30.  

After lunch, we went to my 2:00 appt. with Dr. Clay, the scoliosis Dr.  I had another deep massage on my back, spine, leg and hip and then they showed Ken and I how to put on the my activity suit.  It has 3 parts and all of them have velcro that "locks" them together.  I am sure it is simple to do after you have done it several times, but there are lots of different places to attach the velcro.

When we got home, I was excited to go for a walk wearing the suit (only allowed to go for 20 minutes at a time, and only 1 time per day until my body has a chance to adjust to the new positioning), so it was a test to see if we were able to get the suit on properly without help.  Well, fortunately Ken had taken a video of her putting it on me at the office (their suggestion), plus they sent a U-Tube video to walk us through the "suit-up".  You guessed it, we needed both. Eventually we had it on properly and we headed outside.  It was an interesting walk.  My back felt fairly good, but my hip was a bit painful.  The suit is very tight and it makes me walk straighter, which is very good but it also makes me breath heavy.  I know it will take sometime before there will be any changes and until I get somewhat used to it, but I am willing to be patient!

Ken made some reservations for camping trips this summer, several with our granddaughters.  We are looking forward to those adventures!

Ken went to Celebrate Recovery and I made seaglass pictures while watching The Voice.   

Today, Tuesday, we made a cooked breakfast and  Ken worked at his desk while I did some touch-up painting in our bathroom.  Then we decided to take a walk and getting into the activity suit became a test again!  It went better but we still needed the video!  We did at least a 25 minute walk and it went well.

After lunch, we went to check out Bj's Wholesale Club because we had gotten a 90 day free trial and we had never been to one.  We discovered that we are "Costco Snobs"!  Off to the New Balance Outlet where I got a pair of sneakers and then to Costco, our definite store of choice.

I recorded expenses when we got back home and then we made salads.  It was another evening of watching The Voice.

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