Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Rainy Day Foillowed by A Beautiful One!

Yesterday, Friday, was basically a washout day!  It started raining around 9 and it poured for several hours.   So, I spent the morning cleaning Willie, a necessary task, but not a fun one!!  Then I made some jewelry.  At 11, it had stopped raining so we drove to get gas and do some grocery shopping.  We ate lunch outside and then played some games under the awning.  We had light showers off and on.

After supper, we spent the evening indoors.  It was okay to have a rainy day so we could enjoy just taking it easy. 

Today, Saturday, was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper 70's and plenty of sunshine.  We spent time talking to  our neighboring campers and then slowly started to pack up inside and out for tomorrow's travel day! 

By 11:15 we were on our bikes for our final biking trip on Route 30A.  We decided to go Grayton Beach again and stop at the one bakery for a treat!  Stopped at some of the beaches too!  Another beautiful ride on the great bike trail.  We were back to Willie by 2:15 and got on our bikes again with our beach chairs on our back and headed to the beach.  Spent about an hour on the beach sitting enjoying the crashing of the waves and reading.  Then back to Willie to shower and continue our preparation for tomorrow's departure!  Ate our supper on the picnic table and then went inside to watch some football.  Ken disconnected the water and sewer so we will be ready to leave with very little to do in the morning.  Hope to be on the road by 5, since we gain an hour tonight.  We also lose an hour when we go back to Eastern Standard time after we only drive about 2 hours tomorrow!!

Can't believe we have been here 10 days.  This has been a very special place that provided us a time for many new and exciting adventures.  Topsail State Park is an exceptional place!

All the beaches in this area are so beautiful
and so deserted!  Rather nice!!!

A delightful bike trail.  They say it is so busy
in the summer - filled with bikers.  This is the
perfect time of year to be on the Panhandle!

Stinky's is a very busy restaurant, but what a name!
They also have a bait shop and a catering service!

No matter when we went to the beach there were never
more than a dozen people!

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