Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Ferry Ride to Cayo Costa Island!

We picked up Melissa and Chuck at 8:30 and headed to Jug Creek Marina to get on the Ferry, the Tropic Star for a 1 hour boat ride to Cayo Costa Island.  Boat is the only way you can get there.  Upon arrival, you get on a free tram that takes you across the island (3/4 mile) to the beautiful gulf coast shoreline.  Cayo Costa is a State Park and offers many trails both for hiking and bike riding.  You also can tent camp or rent the cabins there, but it is fairly primitive.  We arrived at 10:30 and took the tram ride to the beach.  We did some shelling and walking on the beach before enjoying the lunches we had packed.  Then we decided to take some of the trails to get our 10,000 steps.  Ken and Melissa led the way, and two times we got to the beach and no more trail!  So, we had to retrace our steps.  Not sure what happened to our navigation gurus!  When we got back to the ferry we had almost 13,000 steps, and all of us were tired.

Waiting to get on the ferry!

We are excited about our upcoming adventure!

Leaving Jug Creek Marina!

It was a full ferry!

What an interesting "wake"!

The Tram ride to the Gulf Shore!

What a magnificent site!

A young lady caught this cap shark!

Our Beach set-up!

Relaxing after the walk on the beach and lunch!

We did about a 6 mile hike starting at Cemetery Trail!

At this point of the hike, we were on the right path!

The best part of getting on the wrong path was having the
opportunity to see this armadillo!

Good Bye to Cayo Costa!

We were back to the CG by 5 and we went to our own motorhomes for dinner and showers.  We went to their "home" at 7 to play some games.  None of us can believe we have been here 2 weeks!  I can't believe the weather forecast for back home in Lanc. County!  Another big snowstorm on Thursday.  It is crazy!

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