Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Gorgeous Beach Day at Manasota Beach!

Ken and I had gone to bed so early last evening that we were up by 6:45 this morning.  After getting ready, we started our walk around the CG to get our 10,000 steps.  It was 60 degrees when we left, and 45 minutes later when we returned it was 65.  We cooked breakfast, cleaned up, and after a phone call to Nancy Savage, we headed to Manasota Beach, about 20 minutes from our CG. It is such a beautiful beach with lots of shells for jewelry making and plenty of sharks teeth.  A perfect day at the beach included a little nap!!!

This is the brand new entrance to Ramblers Rest CG!
So nice!!

Another photo of the Myakka River at the back of the CG!

Manasota Beach was really full today! 

Time for a really short "snooze"!

The sun on the water made it glisten!

Spent 4 hours there and then returned to Waldo.  We spent about 15 minutes skyping with Lanie, Sam and Katelyn.  So nice to see their smiling faces and the excitement of the little ones.  

Ken enjoyed sometime outside reading while I did my exercises and then had a nice conversation with Dolores back home in PA.  They had 2 more inches of snow yesterday and some ice earlier today.  Then it got in the 40's - a heat wave!  Bring out the shorts and t-shirts!!!!!!

We had large salads with leftover Salmon and filet for dinner - delicious! Watched the Olympics and I made some jewelry.  A very nice day!

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