Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gorgeous Day on Pine Island!

What a perfect day!  A totally sunny day with a light breeze and in the 80's. Ken and I were up by 7:30 and got ready to go to the church service here in the CG.  Before going, Ken headed to the grocery store to get some Airborne- started with a sore throat and some congestion!  We met Nancy, Neil, Chuck and Melissa at the Rec Hall for Church.  Suzie, the minister, did a very nice job!  Her husband died unexpectedly here at the CG on Christmas Day.  She went home to North Dakota, but returned here after the funeral.  She is a strong woman and decided to return to the CG to her strong supportive friends!

At 12 PM, Melissa, Chuck, Ken and I left for a bike ride.  We drove together to the center of the island, where we parked and then rode our bikes to Bokeelia at the other end of Pine Island.  We really enjoy that ride past many of the Palm Tree Nurseries and then ending up at the fishing pier.  The ride back to the car was a bit tougher fighting the breeze!

They have a great bike path here on Pine Island!

When we got to the end of the Island at Bokeelia, it was
time for water and a snack!

Gorgeous view from the fishing pier!

What a nice time with special friends!

The palm growing nurseries are everywhere on the Island!

Then we headed into Matlacha to get some fresh shrimp for our Super Bowl Party.  We had decided to party outside Waldo watching on our outdoor TV.  It was too nice a day to spend it indoors.  The CG had a party in the clubhouse, but it is so hard to watch and listen to the game when there.  

Upon returning to the CG, Ken and I got ready for the party.  I got a tossed salad ready and some snacks.  Ken spent time preparing the outside area and learning how to operate the outside TV.  Melissa, Chuck, Neil and Nancy were here by 5 and we prepped the shrimp.  Then we started watching the pre-game while enjoying the snack food.  Into the 2nd quarter we put the shrimp on the skewers, brushed them with fresh garlic and butter, and Ken grilled them.  They were delicious!  We all agreed that they were the best!  Coy, Betsy, and Regina joined our party after they left the one at the clubhouse - couldn't hear or see well!  It was such a frustrating game if you were a Denver fan.  What was going on?????  Melissa and I were such strong Peyton Manning fans, so we were extremely disappointed.

It is really nice to have an outdoor TV and to watch
the Super Bowl with special camping friends.

I went in to do the dishes and Neil offered to dry!
Appreciated the help!
Despite the game, it was a tremendous day on Pine Island!

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  1. I was rooting for Peyton Manning also. I love a good come-back story.
    Do they have Pickleball where your at? We can't wait to back to playing.