Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Kayaking Day

Ken and I were up at 7:15 and decided we should take a walk before Church and get ahead start getting our 10,000 before Melissa and Chuck.  So, off we went for a long walk winding thru the CG.  Whom should we see but Melissa and Chuck up ahead of us trying to beat us to the steps.  We sneaked up behind them and the 4 of us burst out laughing, each trying to get the upper hand on the "steps situation".  So, we joined up and did it together.  Why fight it????? 

On our way to the Church Service here in the CG, we stopped by Neil and Nancy's site to say good-bye and wish them safe travels.  They are leaving Pine Island this morning and we probably won't see each other again on this trip. 

Neil, Nancy, Tatum, and their 5th Wheel!

 Then we met Chuck and Melissa at the Church Service at 10.  Very nice time and the clubhouse had a great crowd!  Ken took a picture of me with Susie, the minister here at the CG.  It has been a tough time for her, having her husband pass away on Christmas Day here at the CG.  She will be returning to North Dakota on Feb. 20th to do necessary paperwork and other details.  Susie wanted the photo because she says she has a friend back in ND who looks just like me.

This is the clubhouse where church is held!

Susie and Me!

We returned to Waldo in time to change, pack some snacks.  Neil and Nancy stopped in front of Waldo all hooked up and heading out of the CG.  Another good-bye and off they went. 
Neil and Nancy leaving Pine Island.  Nice Rig!!!

The 4 of us left at 11:45 to go to Matlacha to where you can rent kayaks. Melissa and Chuck were renting single ones and Ken and I planned to use our inflatable Sea Eagle.  After many unsuccessful attempts to inflate it, we realized that a casket was missing that is needed to keep the air from escaping when pumping.  No place to get one at that time, so Ken and I rented a tandem kayak and away the 4 of us went.  We did about a 2 1/2 hour paddle changing boats in a shallow area about halfway through our trip.  Melissa was a sport and decided to do it when all three of us shamed her into doing it.  That wasn't nice! When she got our of the kayak she lost her footing and ended up sitting in the water.  No good!!!!  We think her phone will be okay!  Boy, are we in trouble!!!!  We had decided to switch, because they wanted to try the tandem kayak to see which they liked the best.  I was also excited to try a single one! We all decided single kayaks are much easier to paddle and steer.

Getting ready for our kayak launch!

Melissa liked her single kayak.  A little further down the
waters, she lost her hat!

Chuck is moving right along!

We found a shallow area where we could switch kayaks.
It was a successful venture for most of us!!!!

A change of transportation!

Melissa and Chuck found the tandem kayak more of a challenge
to paddle and steer!

On our way back to the CG, we stopped in Matlacha at Sweet Licks for some delicious homemade ice cream.  What a treat!!!!  Ken wanted to get photos of Leona's small trailer that she uses as an office.  She is an artist (she painted the trailer) and has Lovegrove Gallery in Matlacha, specializing in the Beatles. Isn't that trailer just crazy?????

Certainly not lacking for color!!!  Definitely 1 of a kind!!!

After dinner, we went to the Clubhouse for Open Mike night, offering lots of good music from fellow campers and local musicians.  Always an entertaininng evening.  Back to Waldo to play Sequence Dice and the men won 3 to the women's 1.  Not sure what happened!!!!  We called it a day at 10:30.  Another fun filled day on Pine Island!

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  1. That is one wild trailer!!! We have never been in kayak. They just don't look comfortable tome.