Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Quiet, Relaxing Day!

It felt strange to wake up today and have positively no agenda.  We have had a wonderful month here in Florida sharing time with friends everyday.  This is the 1st day that we are on our own.  We are going to be lonely!

We took a walk around the CG, getting some of our 10,000 steps.  Both of us feel extremely tired today, so decided not to do anything special.  Hard not to, because the weather is positively beautiful and so warm.  But we had some "catch up" things to do and definitely needed to get some groceries.

Our campsite here at Ramblers Rest.  The campers across
from us have a Willie (Open Range 5th Wheel) and they are
from Terre Hill, PA
Cindy and John were at Lazydays at 7:30 and it was an hour drive from their hotel.  They got to go out on the lot to see "Harvey" and take lots of photos. Cindy also took a pillow from the bed and 1 from the LR so she can match some things when purchasing necessary items at home.  The paperwork went very smoothly and they were at the airport in Sarasota by 10:45.  A little concerned about their flight - discovered they are on a 50 seat commuter plan to Reagan International.  Should be interesting!

I made some phone calls to friends here in Florida to plan a time to get together.  Eddie and Lori Paparo, friends from home, will come to our CG on Thurs. and we will drive to the Casey Key Fish House for an early dinner.  Then the 1st week of March we will go see Ernie and Noella, friends from Canada we met this fall here in Florida.  We will go to their CG, Harbour Lakes, and then go to a bike trail and ride into Boca Grande for lunch and to check out the many little shops.  We are excited to get to see all these folks!

Ken and I went to Wal-Mart for groceries and then cooked and grilled dinner - salmon, filet, grilled potatoes, and salad.  What a special treat!  Looking forward to a relaxing evening.  Tomorrow will probably be a beach day!

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