Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moving Day! On to Winter Quarters Manatee near Bradenton!

It had rained during the night, but although it was cloudy, it was not raining this morning when we were getting ready to leave Ramblers Rest and head to Winter Quarters Manatee.  We are amazed at how quickly we can be ready to leave with Waldo vs. Willie.  We do need time to hook-up the CRV for towing, but we are getting better at that each time we do it.  Talked to my mother on the way, and she is tired but happy to be back to her home at Masonic Homes.   All her tests were negative, so she is doing well!  Also talked to Nancy Savage - they are back at Pine Island for 2 more weeks.  They met our former neighbors in Akron, Russ and Darlene Auker who are staying there too. It really is a small world.  We hope to meet up with Russ and Darlene before we head back to PA. 

We were on our way to the Bradenton area by 10 and arrived at our new location by 10:45.  We have been at this CG several times and it really is a beautiful setting.  Only downfall is its closeness to Interstate 75.  One of the few CG where they take you around in a golf cart showing you available sites and letting you choose!  We were set-up in no time and then headed to Wal-Mart for groceries.  While eating lunch, we read some local newspapers to try to find a craft show in the area that we could participate in while we are here. This weekend Mixon Fruit Farms is having an Orange Blossom Celebration in honor of their 75th Anniversary.  They are a well-known place in this area, especially for shipping fruit.  So I called and was able to get a place in their craft part of the celebration.  They expect thousands of people.  The famous Wallenda high wire act will be part of the festivities!  The only down side is that the show is on Sat. and Sunday from 9 to 5, so I know what we will be doing those 2 days.  We just hope it is profitable.  Time will tell - literally!

This is our new campsite!  Nice to back-up to palm trees!
Hard to tell, but we have a nice cement pad! (Less dirt!)
We took a short walk around the CG and then played some shuffleboard.  The courts are very nice at this CG and the setting is beautiful.  A great place to take gorgeous sunset photos!  It started to drizzle, so we headed back to Waldo.  We did a 30 minute skype with our daughter, Bria and Cali.  So good to see and talk to them.  Then I decided it was time to make more jewelry, especially since the rain continued and the craft show is this weekend.  This is only the 2nd or 3rd day of some showers since we left home!  Ken made dinner so I could keep working on our "livelihood"!  He even cleaned up!

Great courts with fantastic view!

Usually we see white Ibis!  This was unusual!

The OLD and the NEW!  This one is a classic!  (The colors
sort of gives that away!)  Amazing how much "taller" the
newer Motorhomes are!

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