Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Nice Beach Day!

The sun coming up on the Myakka River at the rear of the CG!
Ken and I were up at 6:30 and took a walk around the CG.  Needed to get a "jump start" on our 10,000 steps.  It was 45 degrees when we started, cool but nothing compared to back home.  Went back along the Myakka River to see the sun coming up through the mist and fog.  Ken got some beautiful pictures (almost look black and white) with the reflection of the trees in the river.  We walked for 1 hour, getting 7500 steps. 

What a beautiful shot!!

This picture was taken when we had been walking for about
a half hour.  The haze had lifted!

Cooked breakfast, packed our lunches and were ready to go to the beach when Cindy and John arrived around 10.  We decided to go to Manasota Beach, one we had never been to before but was recommended as a good place to find sharks teeth.  It is a beautiful beach with lots of free parking and modern restrooms and only about 20 minutes from the CG.  We were impressed.  I was able to find lots of unusual shells for my jewelry, and lots of sharks teeth were uncovered.  It was a very special day.  The temperature got close to 70 and the winds were a lot calmer than yesterday.  By around 3 the winds started to pick up, so we decided to leave at 3:45.  Came back to Waldo to change, have a drink, and check out the day's "treasures".

Manasota Beach just south of Caspersen Beach

We played 2 games of shuffleboard (so much fun) and the Althouse girls won both of them.  We have yet to be beaten!!!  At John's request, of which I would not argue, we went back to Sonny's for another pulled pork sandwich. Returned to Waldo at 8:45 for another game of Skip-Bo and the women won again.  We did drive to the back of the CG along the Myakka River to see the gorgeous orange moon.  So we began the day back at the river to see the sun among the mist and fog and ended it there seeing the moon.  This has been a very special day!

Ken liked to take photos of birds, including this hawk!

Ken is getting to be a great photographer.  Love the palm
trees in the area around the moon!

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  1. WOW Ken! We always enjoy your pictures but those first 4 are absolutely awesome! Reminds me of Ansel Adams pictures. You could be famous and help earn gas money for Waldo! Doloris