Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Last Day Here in Venice with Cindy and John!

Ken and I were up early and got ready for a day at the beach.  Ken discovered that our water tank was full and we haven't been putting any water in it!  So, he went out to release some of the water and it appeared that water would stop flowing into it when he closed the valve.  Not sure what is going on!  We will make sure we turn off the water when we leave the CG and probably at night too!  A trip to Lazydays may be required.  Time will tell!

We did take a 1/2 hour walk around the CG and then picked up Cindy and John at the Holiday Inn Express only 10 minutes from the CG.  We decided to go to Holmes Beach today near Bradenton since we wanted to enjoy dinner at the Starfish Grill.  So, we made the drive to the Bradenton area, about a 1 hour drive.  It was a perfect beach day.  Plenty of sunshine, calm winds, and near 80 degrees!  We were on the beach from 11 to 3:45 looking for shells, relaxing, and reading.  What's not to love!  Cindy put some peanuts on John's head when he was sleeping and encouraged the pigeons and seagulls to "help themselves".  They had been eating the peanuts and pretzels out of Cindy's hand, but we couldn't get them to take them off John's hat!  Oh well, she really tried!!!

Beautiful Holmes Beach!

Another day of looking for shells for my jewelry!

Somebody was busy building this castle!

Bad Cindy!  Putting peanuts on John's hat while he rests!

Just waiting for the pigeons and seagulls!

We stopped at the Starfish Grill so they could enjoy their delicious grouper sandwich only to discover it closed at 3 on Mondays - such disappointment!  We then tried the Cortez Seafood House, but they were closed on Monday.  We ended up at the Swordfish Grill near the same location on the water and the food and drinks were great!  Beautiful setting too!  They all enjoyed their grouper sandwiches and I had a good grilled chicken one!  They have 1/2 price drinks throughout the eatery during their 4 to 6 Happy Hour!  Good deal!

What a setting for dinner at the Swordfish Grill!

Good photo except for Ken's large glass eye!

Lots of interesting birds around the dock!

After dinner, we went to Coquina Beach to watch the beautiful sunset.  It was a mild evening!  

We got back to their motel around 7:30 and played Skip-Bo (men won) and 2 games of Sequence Dice which the women one!  We said our goodbyes and Ken and I were back to Waldo by 9:45.  We have such a good time with Cindy and John and they are so excited about their next adventures with their new motorhome, Harvey!  They will be at Lazydays tomorrow morning at 8 to finish signing papers and then fly out of Sarasota Airport at 12:30.  It will be a very busy morning for them.

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