Friday, February 7, 2014

What A Fabulous Day on Pine Island!

What a fun day!  We were up early and met Chuck and Melissa to do our 10,000 steps.  We walked along some new roads seeing more palm tree plantations and new homes.  The steps go so quickly when walking and talking with friends!  We were back to the CG by 9:45, finished with our steps for the day!

Walking along one of the Palm Tree Plantations

We met again at 10:15 to play some shuffleboard, just like the old folks!! Chuck and I won both games.  Then we got on our bikes and rode about 6 1/2 miles stopping to walk on the 1 mile St. Jude Preserve Trail, an old roadbed trail through the mangroves to a Pine Island Back Water area.  It is so quiet and peaceful there.  We just stood talking and enjoying the stillness, birds, and water.  Back to the CG by 1:00 to make lunch.

The beginning of the St. Jude Trail

Beautiful roadbed trail thru the mangroves!

The trail ends on a wooden bridge/pathway on the water!

What a beautiful view and oh so peaceful!

Ken decided to spend the afternoon relaxing in Waldo and taking a short nap. The 5 of us went to the pool to sun and enjoy the refreshing water.  A fun time.  Back to Waldo by 3:45 to shower and get ready for a musical evening at the Clubhouse with the group, The Last Resort.  We enjoy them every year. It is also pizza night - the resort makes pizzas ordered by the campers and serves them before the concert.  

The musical group The Last Resort.  3 of them have been
with the group 6 years and stay here at the CG!

Sometimes we get each other laughing so hard we cry!!!

Paul, Regina, Betsy, Coy, and Betsy's sister sat with us
to listen to The Last Resort.  We had a  fun time!

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